Saturday, March 25, 2023

‘Kings of Con: The Podcast’ Flashes Back to Conventions This Week With Guest Louden Swain

PODCASTSKINGS OF CON: THE PODCAST‘Kings of Con: The Podcast’ Flashes Back to Conventions This Week With...

If you are a Supernatural fan and you’ve been missing conventions, Kings of Con: The Podcast has you covered this week as Louden Swain appear in the first ever multiple guest episode.

This episode really puts the Con in Kings of Con as Rich, Rob, and the rest of Louden Swain lead the Supernatural conventions put on by Creation as hosts and the house band. During the episode Rich and Rob reminisce with Michael Borja, Billy Moran, and Stephen Norton about the antics they got up to at conventions in the past including some fun stories about the band’s initial appearance as The Elastic Waistband. However, if you are not a Supernatural fan, or conventions are not your thing, don’t worry. Rich also leads the band through a conversation about their new music and what it’s been like recording during the pandemic.

Be sure to check out the episode here, and if you haven’t yet had a chance to listen you can find Louden Swain’s new single “Letter” here or wherever you get your music.

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