‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Character Profile Teasers Released

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Jupiter’s Legacy is weeks away from premiering on Netflix, and in preparation for the highly anticipated season, Mark Millar has shared new character videos to give those who may not be acquainted or familiar with the series the first look at them up close.

Included in the videos are George/Skyfox, Sheldon Sampson/The Utopian, Grace Sampson/Lady Liberty, Brandon Sampson, Chloe Sampson, Raikou, Fitz Small/The Flare, Petra Small/The Flare II, Hutch, and Walter Sampson/Brainwave.

The clip of George (Matt Lanter) gives a look at one of the founding members of the Union of Justice. George is a son of wealth, and he’s depicted as a sex symbol in the comics. This all carries over very well in the teaser and gives a sense of the public perception of the smart and wealthy man. It ends with a quick clip of him in his Skyfox suit.

The next two clips showcase Fitz (Mike Wade) and Petra (Tenika Davis). Fitz was injured in a battle that left him paraplegic, but that doesn’t stop him from helping save the world or assisting his daughter, Petra, in doing so.

Petra’s clip is all about hope. She wants to leave the Union as she knows it — fractured, damaged — but Brandon reminds her that is exactly why she needs to stay and fight to make it better.

Hutch (Ian Quinlan) is resentful towards his father, wanting to prove that he is nothing like him. Hutch wasn’t born with any superhuman powers, so George constructed a power rod out of a flashlight that would simulate George’s own. We get a brief glimpse at it in the below clip.

Raikou (Anna Akana) is the katana wielding badass with telepathic abilities. Her clip is mostly filled with stunning action scenes, but we can’t wait to see more of Raikou and how she’ll shake up the show as she does in the comics.

Brandon (Andrew Horton) and Chloe (Elena Kampouris) may be the children of The Utopian and Lady Liberty, but that’s about all they have in common. Chloe’s clip shows just how much she loves and appreciates her life and a socialite, but it also shows just how powerful she can be when she puts her abilities to use.

Brandon is the paragon — the perfect child — molded to be the heir to the family. He may idolize his father, but he struggles to live up to his expectations. This proves difficult as they certainly don’t always carry the same ideals.

Then there’s Lady Liberty, or Grace Sampson (Leslie Bibb). Grace is Sheldon/The Utopian’s wife. She’s shown as the glue that keeps everything together, and she serves as a constant reminder as to why the heroes do what they do and what they gave up to serve and protect.

Brainwave/Walter (Ben Daniels) is Sheldon’s brother, but they have a very strained relationship. He is known as the master of the mind (but he doesn’t want to be treated like a palm reader). This means he has the capabilities of creating psychic allusions that aid him and battle, and he can use the powers to give people brain aneurysms that can kill them. The clip is also extremely ominous, and some of the verbiage can definitely be seen as a foretelling to who Walter becomes over time.

The final clip is of the leader of the Union, The Utopian (Josh Duhamel). It’s clear he’s ready to hand the mantle over Brandon because even though aging slower is a perk to their abilities, he is still aging. Sheldon is the sole reason for the Union and its powers; he was having visions of the island before they even knew what that was or meant. With the world in shambles in the early 20th century, he knew it was their job to help and protect the citizens of the nation to project the country forward.

Jupiter’s Legacy premieres May 7 on Netflix. In the meantime, check out our breakdown of the trailer and stay tuned for our continuing coverage!

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