Monday, January 30, 2023

Go Behind the Scenes of the ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Union vs. Blackstar Battle in New Clip

TELEVISIONNETFLIXGo Behind the Scenes of the 'Jupiter's Legacy' Union vs. Blackstar Battle...

Netflix has released a video detailing the behind-the-scenes process of the hilltop fight scene from episode 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy!

In the closing minutes of the first episode, viewers get treated to an incredible fight scene between the Union of Justice and Blackstar (who they later find out is a clone). Although the sequence may look flawless, the process to get what is on the small screen was extensive.

Jupiter’s Legacy follows a group that Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) has curated to take with him on a trip to an island that he keeps having visions of. Unsure but curious, they all oblige and embark on the journey with him. Continuously tested and near the brink of giving up, they finally figure out why they were sent there. They return home with superpowers that they use to take down villains while abiding by their code. Eventually, they have children who understandably struggle to take on the mantle of heroes and live up to their parents’ ideal.

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All eight episodes of Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 1 are available to stream on Netflix. Be sure to check out our Jupiter’s Legacy related content, including our review!

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