‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 10 “Time Off for Good Behavior”


This week on Batwoman, Ryan and Mary help get Jordan’s community center off the ground, Julia begins filling in gaps in her memory, and Jacob must face his past in a new and difficult way. Read on to find out what happened in “Time Off for Good Behavior.”

The episode opens with a news broadcast taking place at a Snake Bite warehouse, with Batwoman bringing down members of the False Face Society one by one. She unmasks someone and demands to know Black Mask’s identity, but he claims he doesn’t know. She then takes the mic from the reporter and addresses Black Mask directly. Meanwhile, another False Face member sets their sights on Jacob, chloroforming him injecting him with Snake Bite, where he relives tracking down Beth – but this time, he finds her and saves her.

Ryan returns to the bat cave, where Luke says they still have no lead on who Black Mask could be. Ryan notes Luke’s watch, realizing she’s late to visit Angelique at Edgewater Prison. While there, Ryan tells Angelique about the community center, eventually leading into Ryan urging Angelique to give up the people involved with Commissioner Forbes’ murder. She refuses, becoming defensive (and maybe a little jealous) when Ryan brings up Batwoman. Frustrated with the conversation, Angelique ends the visit.

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Ryan, Mary, and Jordan are at the community center, where they’re holding an open house to hopefully receive donations. In the middle of Jordan’s speech, a reporter for the Gotham Gazette – Horten Spence – interrupts, asking about security. Another woman, later introduced as Imani, defends the center, citing all the good it will do for the kids in the neighborhood. Afterward, Jordan introduces Ryan and Imani and soon leaves them. The two talk, and as they do, a man (later dubbed Kilovolt) with a large gun that shoots electric charges bursts in and ruins the center. Later, Ryan, Mary, and Luke try to figure out Kilovolt’s motive, pulling up Horten’s file to see if he has any connection. They discover he was fired for undisclosed reasons.

At Crows Security, Julia and Sophie dig through Julia’s expense reports to track her movements. They notice large payments, but Julia has no memory of making them. Another Crow interrupts with an anonymous tip for Julia – there’s been a break-in at the Cartwright place. She heads over there and finds Alice. After taunting her, Alice says that she’ll leave Gotham if Julia helps her find Enigma. Later on they learn that Julia met with Dr. Evelyn Rhyme (aka Enigma), only she doesn’t remember why.

Dr. Rhyme, who’s helping the Crows’ Snake Bite Taskforce, meets with Jacob. She explains how Snake Bite works and that it essentially creates a do-over for a person’s biggest regret – which in Jacob’s case is not saving Beth. She thinks he’s been using. He explains what happened but admits that he can’t shake the feeling. He does believe that it was False Face sending him a message, and Dr. Rhyme tells him he’ll need her help.

Batwoman goes to find Horten. When she does, she questions him about what happened at the community center. He tells her that other centers have been attacked before, just not by Kilovolt. He lists out the other attacks, and Luke, on comms, doesn’t see a connection. Batwoman asks what the motives could be, to which Horten has proof of in his briefcase. Before they can go any further, Kilovolt attacks, shooting them both with the electricity gun. Batwoman recovers and is able to take his gun just before he disappears, but Horten is brought to Mary’s clinic, covered in electrical burns. Mary and Batwoman realize that whatever evidence Horten found is major.

Ryan finds Luke in the bat cave examining Kilovolt’s gun. He discovers a partial print that brings up results for Michael Kastrinos (aka Mikey K), who’s been incarcerated at Edgewater for two years. Later on, Ryan goes to visit him. He gives her nothing, but it doesn’t matter. Ryan notices a scar he has that convinces her that he’s Kilovolt. The security footage Luke digs up, though, says otherwise.

Jacob meets with Dr. Rhyme again, this time at her office. He tells her about his regret for not being able to save Beth, revealing that being able to in a Snake Bite-induced hallucination is the reason he can’t stop thinking about it. Dr. Rhyme admits she can’t help him with the withdrawal he’s experiencing. She instead suggests that he try to repair his relationship with Mary, which will help him cope a little better with the grief he feels for not saving Beth.

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Ryan visits Angelique again, asking if she knows any way to escape the prison. She doesn’t, and this prompts Ryan to push Angelique again to reveal the members of the False Face Society. She ensures Angelique that she’ll be protected from Black Mask – who, meanwhile, kills another member of False Face, upset that viable Snake Bite isn’t being produced, thanks to the people knowing the proper recipe (Ocean and another person) are both unavailable.

After her visit, Ryan talks to Sophie at Crows Security, asking about when Angelique will be released since she provided names. Sophie says they’ll look into it, but Ryan continues, mentioning that the members own the Gotham Gun Club. Sophie reiterates that she’ll double-check. If the information proves useful, she’ll talk to the D.A. about Angelique.

Luke shows Ryan and Mary the Edgewater footage again. He points out that the footage is the same, just with different timestamps. He then explains that the attacks on the community centers line up with an inmate being granted early parole the day after each attack. They learn that Ellis O’Brien, Edgewater’s CEO, is the common denominator. He also happens to sit on the board of the Gotham Gazette, which explains why Horten was fired.

Roman Sionis goes to Crows to talk to Jacob. He claims that he found Snake Bite in an employee’s belongings at one of his cosmetic stores, which he brought with him. He asks Jacob to verify the Snake Bite is the real deal. It is, and Jacob is clearly affected by its presence. Roman decides to leave the Snake Bite with Jacob (uh…) so he can dispose of it.

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Julia returns to Crows and finds Dr. Rhyme to ask what they discussed when they last met. Dr. Rhyme says it was a sensitive matter, so Julia leads her into an interrogation room. Once the door closes, Julia pushes Dr. Rhyme against the wall and reveals that she knows Dr. Rhyme is Enigma. Dr. Rhyme, however, isn’t worried. She injects something into Julia that brings into unconsciousness. Later on, Julia seems to be in a surprisingly good mood, not seeming to remember what happened. She runs into Sophie and states that she’s transferring to Berlin.

Batwoman heads out to find O’Brien. Thanks to Luke tracking O’Brien’s phone, Batwoman finds him at a construction site. She calls him out on destroying community centers to keep at-risk kids falling into the prison system, knowing full well the efficacy of the community centers but only seeing the kids as more money in his pocket. He stalls for another moment and three more people with electricity guns surround Batwoman. Meanwhile, Sophie and the Crows go to Gotham Gun Club where they find two more dead members of False Face.

The three surrounding Batwoman begin shooting at her. She’s able to dodge the blasts and keep a couple at bay, but she finds herself stuck. Just in the knick of time, a blast from another gun takes out one of the people, and we see Luke standing on a parked van with an electricity gun in hand. (Hell yeah, Luke!!) A voiceover news report the next day unveils O’Brien’s malicious plans and reveals that he’s the latest inmate in prison.

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Alice breaks into Dr. Rhyme’s office, fiddling with small trinkets and even sneezing into a tissue which she then returns to its box (ew). She settles herself at the desk, where she notices Jacob’s name in Dr. Rhyme’s appointment book. She then finds a voice recorder with Jacob’s session on it. She listens and then talks to it, revealing that she’s searching for Enigma to help her forget (remember when Alice realized she could have a world where Kate never existed?). Once she’s done, she deletes the recording.

Mary discharges Horten from the clinic, who was able to get his job back along with a big promotion. He leaves and Jacob shows up, acting strange. He tells Mary he wants to help her get the clinic up and running – provide funds, doctors, etc. Mary, however, declines, not wanting to lose what makes the clinic so special and important. She wants to run the clinic her way. Before she walks off, she tells Jacob she will never forgive him for what he did. When he returns to Crows, he shuts himself in his office and uses the Snake Bite that Roman left behind.

Imani goes to The Hold Up where Ryan is working a shift. She shows Ryan a positive article about the community center, also telling her that they’re receiving donations and the center is doing well. Sophie walks in and Ryan goes to talk to her. Sophie shares the news that the D.A. accepted Angelique’s deal and that Angelique will be going into protective custody. Ryan is able to call Angelique one more time before she can’t for a while. Angelique thanks Ryan for taking the fall for her. As she tries to continue, the vehicle she’s riding in is ambushed by the False Face Society. They shoot the two Crows in the front and kidnap Angelique.

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