Sunday, March 26, 2023

Spring Is in Full Bloom With a Rare Chance To Get a Signature From Our Favorite Bloom, Orlando Bloom

FANDOMSpring Is in Full Bloom With a Rare Chance To Get a...

You read that title right, spring is here and just to make it special Orlando Bloom is offering autographs via a send-in service.

Twin Cities Comics (TCC) is hosting a signing event with Orlando Bloom. For the next few weeks you will be able to purchase an autograph from Bloom either on one of a handful of pre-selected photos, or on your own item if you are willing to send it in. The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean actor has not done this kind of private signing before, and to make it even more special, he has agreed to do a limited number of inscriptions (character names or personalization) and quotes to go along with the signature.

A signature on one of TCC’s pre-selected photos will cost between $235 and $265 dollars, while the cost of having your own item signed will cost between $225 and $400 depending on the item. An inscription will run you an additional $150 to $250 dollars, but TCC does offer witnessed authentication for only $10 more so you can be assured that you get your money’s worth.

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There are certain limitations on the inscribed signings, but you can find all the details about inscriptions here. Personal items to be signed also have certain limitations. For example, at least for now, they cannot do signings on replica bows. So if you were hoping to have Legolas sign your bow I’m afraid you’re out of luck for now, although they promise to update you if that policy changes if you email them. Also, all items mailed to their office for signing must arrive by April 19. So make sure you plan for enough shipping time. For more details about sending in you own items check out all the details here.

As of right now the pre-selected photos are listed as pre-sale, but don’t let that fool you. Blooms autographs can, and likely will, sell out. So if you need some Orlando Bloom this spring, make sure you jump on this opportunity.

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