Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke Grapple With Influencer Fame in ‘Mainstream’ Trailer

MOVIESAndrew Garfield and Maya Hawke Grapple With Influencer Fame in 'Mainstream' Trailer

IFC Films has released the trailer for Mainstream, its latest dark comedy directed by Gia Coppola that stars Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke.

These days, social media is part of everyone’s daily lives, for better or for worse? That’s up to you to decide. The movie may be satirical, but there is truth in the overall message and how internet culture has morphed itself over the last decade.

The trailer sees Garfield take on the role of Link, a one-man vlogger who by Jake’s (Nat Wolff) standards, “promotes a lifestyle of doing and saying nothing.” When Frankie comes into the story, much like Link, she too feels as though she has no direction. After bumping into Link a few too many times, she uploads a video of him that goes viral that projects Jake, Frankie, and Link to new heights. Along the line a love triangle between Frankie and Link blossoms, which only makes their circumstances worse.

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Mainstream also stars Kalena Yiaueki, Johnny Knoxville, and Jason Schwartzman.

Mainstream is set to open in theaters and On Demand starting May 7.

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