‘We Live In Time’ Trailer Released


Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh come together to carry us through a lifetime of emotions in the first trailer for We Live In Time. This romance film will follow Almut, played by Pugh, and Tobias, played by Garfield, as they share their love story with their child. Director John Crowley has a history of telling beautiful and unique stories. Audiences will be able to see how Crowley tells this love story that spans a decade when We Live In Time, hits theaters on October 11th.

We Live In Time shows how Tobias and Almut were brought together through a strange and surprising event. After hitting Tobias with a car, Almut sticks around to ensure he is ok, and so begins this unconventional romance. Audiences will watch as these characters go through the first date, falling in love, pregnancy, and raising a child. As time passes, we see the couple hit with heartbreaking news that Almut is sick. Seeing the struggle and emotion in these short clips just further proves the immense talent Pugh and Garfield will bring to this film. Garfield’s Tobias sums up the tone of the trailer perfectly: “I am guilty of looking ahead instead of right in front of me.”

Check out the first trailer for We Live In Time below and watch it in theaters on October 11th.

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