Katia Winter Joins Cast of ‘The Boys’ Season 3

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After a phenomenal second season of The Boys that won multiple awards, as well as the hearts of the people, Eric Kripke and co. seem determined to up the ante for season 3. In addition to Jensen Ackles, another new face on the show has been revealed; Katia Winter (Blood & Treasure, Sleepy Hollow) will be joining the cast of The Boys for the show’s third season as Little Nina, according to Deadline.

In the comics, Little Nina (real name Nina Namenko) is a Russian mob boss and Vought affiliate who used an inferior version of Compound V in an attempt to make more supes. The only problem? It made their heads explode — sound familiar? That’s not the only thing that was explosive about Namenko in the comics; her obsession with sex toys ultimately leads to her downfall, with Butcher planting an explosive in one and killing her, ending her short issue arc.

How Little Nina’s character will tie into the narrative from last season about Stormfront’s secret facility where tests were being conducted to create adult supes is unknown as of now. One thing we are sure of is that Winter’s introduction onto the show holds promise for a great season 3.

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