‘Love, Victor’ Moments From Season 1 That Made Us Laugh, Cry, and Everything in Between


On June 11, Love, Victor will return to our screens with season 2. We’ll return to Creekwood High with Victor and his friends, as well as meet a few new characters along the way. As we wait to see what season 2 has in store, there’s plenty to reminiscence from season 1. Relive some of our favorite moments from the first season below!

Benji’s introduction


One of my favorite character introductions on the show, and perhaps the greatest use of slo-mo, is Benji’s intro. As Victor and Felix head to their first class, where Victor spots Benji and is immediately captivated. While he watches Benji, the scene goes to slow motion, with fitting music to accommodate it. There’s also a nod to Love, Simon after introductions are made and Benji tells Victor, “Nice shoes.” 

Adrian and his Elsa wand

During Victor’s birthday party, things got a little tense. Between Victor’s grandfather getting upset about Benji and Derek and Isabel’s friction with her mother-in-law, the day didn’t exactly scream “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VICTOR!” But who knew that the littlest Salazar would swoop in and save the day? (We did, because Adrian is truly a gift.) Just when the day seemed on the verge of collapse, Adrian ran into the room waving his Elsa wand, playfully pretending to turn everyone into ice. His excitement was eventually enough to even get his grandfather to join the fun. Don’t ever change, Adrian.

Felix shows Lake his apartment


This was one of the most touching moments in season 1 for me. After witnessing (albeit from underneath a bed) Lake’s relationship with her mother, Felix decided to show her she’s not alone in that department. To help her feel better, Felix brought Lake to his apartment (that not even Victor has seen), revealing his mother struggles with hoarding. He presented a more vulnerable side to Lake, and maybe (read: definitely) it brought a few tears to my eyes.

All of “Boys’ Trip”


I know this article is supposed to focus on specific scenes, but “Boys’ Trip” has so many that the entire episode deserves to be on here. In the episode, Victor takes an impromptu trip to New York to visit Simon, who’s out of town, so Bram and his and Simon’s roommates are Victor’s welcoming committee. Throughout the episode, Victor realizes he’s found his people, and they embrace him like one of their own (because he is), despite having just met him. For the first time, Victor isn’t ashamed to be gay, and by the end of the episode, he revels in it. This is an episode that will make you laugh, cry, and, well … everything in-between.

Mia connects with Pilar


Another great moment that happened during Victor’s party was when Mia went to talk with Pilar, who was clashing heavily with Isabel. Mia offers to go talk with Pilar. She’s able to find common ground with Pilar, relating to her on a level that Isabel may not be able to reach as well. Mia provides the space for Pilar to share her frustrations and is also able to share her own.

Victor comes out


Throughout season 1, there are a few points where Victor comes out to someone, whether on purpose or accidentally (e.g., the dance). But there are two coming out scenes in particular that stand out. The first is when Victor decides to come out to Felix. Victor is visibly nervous, asking Felix to turn away from him as he shares his news. Felix, however, is fully supportive of Victor, glad that Victor was able to share that part of himself.

The second coming out scene was the very last one of the season. Victor returns home from the dance with Pilar, ready to share with her and his parents … until his parents announce their impending separation, and Victor changes his mind. But just as the episode is about to end, Victor strengthens his resolve, and ends the season with the words “I’m gay,” relief spreading across his face.

Victor and Benji’s mini dance party


There’s no denying Victor and Benji have chemistry with each other, and one great scene that demonstrates how easily they get along is while they’re closing one night at the coffee shop. While they clean, Benji starts playing “Call Me Maybe” from Victor’s phone. Victor mentions a dance he used to do when he was little, prompting Benji to try and replicate. They both eventually start dancing in a cute and funny impromptu dance break.

Isabel and Armando singing at the piano


For much of season 1, Isabel and Armando struggle with the fallout of Isabel’s affair. Happy and loving moments between the two are fleeting but there. One of the few moments where their relationship doesn’t feel strained is when Isabel sits at the piano singing Selena’s “Dreaming of You.” Armando watches on, encouraging her to keep going. Shortly after, he joins her and the two can briefly let go of their tension.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Veronica tells Mia about her ex-boyfriend
  • Lake and Felix flee with the tres leches cakes
  • Benji teaches Victor how to make a drink at the coffee shop
  • Andrew walks Mia home after the dance

Love, Victor season 2 will release on June 11 exclusively on Hulu. Keep up with all our coverage for the show, including recaps, here.

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