‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 6 “Do Not Resuscitate”

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The search for Coryana continues in this week’s Batwoman, as the race is on between the Crows and the bat team to find the real Jack Napier painting. Ryan can’t ignore her wound any longer, and Mary and Commander Kane find themselves in a sticky situation. Read on to find out what happened in “Do Not Resuscitate.”

The episode opens with a doctor extracting blood from a young boy who received the serum after the bat attack, whose cancer was also cured. She creates a new solution from it, injecting it into an elderly man with a similar form of cancer, hoping it will cure him. Instead, he begins to cough up blood. She shows the footage to another doctor, who’s determined to find what the cure-all ingredient is in the original serum. He goes to talk to a man named Aaron, someone hoping for the serum. Aaron attacks the doctors and the two nurses with him when he finds out they have nothing yet. The doctor sedates Aaron, enlisting his help to find the right serum.

Batwoman chases down two guys running through an alley. As they fight, one of them catches her in her wound, a shock of pain coursing through her. Luke asks her if she’s okay, wanting her to stop. Ryan shuts off her comms and tries to push through. Afterward, Angelique brings Ryan to the hospital, and when Angelique thinks they’ve waited long enough, she demands a doctor, Dr. Rodriguez, who attends to them. He tells the pair he needs to do bloodwork on Ryan. He leaves, and Angelique gets a message, revealing that she’s still dealing. Ryan wants her to get out, offering help, but Angelique gets frustrated and leaves.

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Alice and Ocean sit in an abandoned train car, discussing Safiyah. Alice believes that Ocean may also have a hand in Kate’s plane crash. Tired of the conversation, Ocean tries to leave, but Alice stops him by asking why Safiyah thinks he tried to frame her for the crash; Doesn’t he want to know why Safiyah erased part of their memories? He turns to leave again, but Alice brings up Safiyah’s army, reminding him he can’t run from Safiyah. He finally caves, admitting that he tried to leave Coryana with the Desert Rose and got caught. Alice, however, thinks maybe they both tried. A little later, Alice mentions how weird it is that their existence was erased from each other. Ocean decides that maybe Alice was really the one who tried to steal the Desert Rose and framed him. Alice grabs his hand, and they experience another brief flashback of them in a similar position on Coryana.

Mary and Commander Kane talk in the car after visiting a lawyer who wants Kane to declare Kate dead. Sophie calls, informing Kane that the Napier painting the Crows grabbed is a fake, but she has a lead on who has the real one – a man named Ocean. Sophie says she can find him, but she needs permission to use the high frequency generator (HFG). Kane gives his permission, and as Mary starts to ask what the generator is, a truck crashes into them. Aaron steps out, pulling Mary from the wreckage.

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Sophie (or as Ryan calls her, Crowphie), finds Ryan at The Hold Up, holding a case file she’s building against Angelique. Sophie wants Ryan to gain intel from Angelique about Ocean, as he’s her supplier for Snake Bite. Sophie brings up the HFG; she wants Ryan to use it on Angelique’s phone, placing it close enough to install spyware onto Angelique’s phone. Ryan refuses, not wanting to betray Angelique. Sophie, however, brings up prison for Angelique if Ryan doesn’t help. Ryan gives in, but only if Sophie will drop the case.

When we see Mary and Commander Kane again, they are bound to chairs in Mary’s clinic. Aaron questions Mary about the Desert Rose serum and that he was told he could get it from the clinic. This leads Mary to explain everything about it, but she can’t make anymore. Mary then admits that the clinic is hers, much to Kane’s surprise.

Angelique visits Ryan at her apartment, both women excited for different reasons. Ryan’s is that she found a way to get Angelique out of the drug game, presenting her with a t-shirt from The Hold Up. Angelique, however, isn’t so thrilled. The two begin arguing when Ryan is hit with another barrage of pain from the wound. She begins to panic, as the room looks entirely different due to the pain. Angelique runs to get Ryan’s meds, and when she leaves the room, Ryan uses the HFG on Angelique’s phone before she leaves. Ryan meets Sophie again to tell her about the HFG, and, as promised, Sophie hands over the file. Once Sophie leaves, Dr. Rodriguez calls Ryan, requesting she come back in for a retest on her blood, due to radioactive material that contaminated the sample.

Aaron continues insisting Mary make more of the serum, and if she doesn’t, Kane will die. Mary again says she can’t, so Aaron stabs Kane with a scalpel in response (nothing fatal … yet). Kane, meanwhile, doesn’t understand how he didn’t know about the clinc. Mary says it’s because she was never on his radar. Aaron begins to react to a strong pain. While he searches for meds, Mary points out a scar on his head. He explains he was the subject of a secret experiment to fix a tumor and make him “normal,” an experiment that worked until it didn’t, bringing the tumor along with it. He wants the serum to cure the tumor. He stabs Kane again, and Mary begs him to stop. In her desperation, she spills that they can get more of the serum on Coryana.

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Ryan reads up on Kryptonite in the bat cave when Luke finds her. She fills him in on what she did with Angelique and Sophie, learning that Luke knew about Ocean this entire time. Ryan realizes this wasn’t really about Angelique, but Luke disagrees, they need to find Ocean – and Alice. Ryan grows more upset with him after she finds out Alice got away. A call from Mary interrupts, and we see that Aaron is forcing her to call. She talks to them in a code, referring to Luke as Lucas, and he needs to bring the map to the clinic like “a bat out of hell.” Ryan is ready to suit up until her wound flares again and she collapses. Luke helps her sit up, nervous about the now pulsating wound. Ryan was tired of being doubted by the team, so she never said anything. Now, though, she’s still ready to go to Mary, telling Luke he needs to support her.

Ocean continues to avoid giving Alice any useful information, so Alice takes it upon herself to call Safiyah’s main henchperson, only to reach Safiyah herself. Alice demands to know what Safiyah erased. She responds by saying it’s better for Alice not to know and avoid any emotional attachment that may prevent her from killing Ocean. When she hangs up, Alice pulls out a knife. She attempts to sneak up on him (come on, Alice. Really?) but he catches her. The two begin sparring, having flashbacks to their time on Coryana when they were training a similar fight style. Sophie soon finds them, a gun pointed at Ocean to sway him into handing over the real Napier. Ocean tries to play dumb until Sophie fires a warning shot. He pulls out the Napier. Sophie wants to see the map supposedly hidden in it, so Ocean lights the canvas on fire, burning off the top layer to reveal a nautical chart.

Sophie calls Luke, filling him in about the map. Luke tells her to take it to the clinic where Mary and Commander Kane are, but she shouldn’t hand it over. Ryan is nearly suited up, Luke worried about her going into the field. Ryan defends herself by saying they need the map, because Coryana is the only place that might have a cure for her. Luke then tells her about an adrenaline boost built into the suit, and Ryan should let him know if she needs one.

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At the clinic, Aaron begins to throw and knock everything over, Mary yelling at him to stop. When he does, he reveals that Hamilton Dynamics doctors are responsible for what happened to him, which Mary doesn’t want to believe. In his rage, he kicks over Kane, ripping off the end of a bed and about to hit Kane with it. Sophie shows up just in time, but Aaron kicks her into the hallway, and Mary uses the moment to slide a scalpel over to Kane. Mary tries to stop Aaron by pointing out that Sophie brought the map, but he still rushes towards her and chokes her. Kane attacks him, but he’s no match. Then it’s Batwoman’s turn, but Aaron easily takes her down. She tells Luke to hit her with the adrenaline shot, and at last, she takes Aaron out. But the fun isn’t over yet when three men in masks enter, Sophie at the other end of one of their guns. They want the map, and Batwoman hands it over, not wanting to let Sophie die.

Back at Wayne Tower, Mary and Luke discuss Ryan. Luke says that Ryan is dying from her wound, wondering why she didn’t say anything. Mary tells him it’s because they aren’t a team in Ryan’s mind. Regardless, they need to get to Coryana, for Ryan’s sake and to bring Kate home. They don’t have the map, but Mary has Commander Kane, and they can use his help. Mary heads to Crows Security to talk to him. When she arrives, Kane is yelling at someone over the phone, wanting to know which Hamilton doctors were responsible for the secret experiments. He hangs up and breaks the news to Mary that he’s shutting down the clinic, because it’s illegal. She counters by pointing out that it’s the only way most Gotham citizens are able to gain healthcare, so he lists each law Mary is breaking with the clinic. Eventually, he brings up Mary’s mother, thinking it will lead Mary down the same path of experimentation. Mary storms out, but not before saying she wishes Kane never started paying attention to her.

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Sophie eavesdrops on Angelique and Ryan, thanks to the HFG. Angelique found the spyware Ryan installed on her phone, feeling hurt and betrayed. Ryan claims she had no choice, trying to explain herself. Angelique’s trust is broken, though. Ryan begs her to listen and stay, but Angelique doesn’t hear it, and leaves Ryan.

The episode ends as Alice stabs Ocean while he sleeps, but he seems … suspiciously unresponsive. Alice calls Safiyah to tell her Ocean is dead, but Safiyah will need to see his body to confirm before she returns Kate. After hanging up, Ocean walks in and remarks how good the fake Ocean looks.

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