Sunday, November 27, 2022

‘Lucifer’ Season 6, Episode 9 Has an Official Title and a New Director

NETFLIXLUCIFER'Lucifer' Season 6, Episode 9 Has an Official Title and a New...

As we wait for Lucifer season 5B to finally land on Netflix, details about season six, which is currently filming, are slowly trickling in. We now know both the title, and the new director of season 6, episode 9.

The most recent update came from Lucifer writer and producer Chris Rafferty, who shared this tweet earlier this week:

We now know the previously untitled episode, will actually be ominously titled “Goodbye, Lucifer.” The episode was originally set to be directed by Kevin Gaviola, who directed the yet unreleased season 5 finale, but as Rafferty reveals, scheduling changes have made that impossible. Instead the episode will be directed by the show’s own Kevin Alejandro.

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Alejandro stars in Lucifer as Detective Dan Espinoza, and has already directed three episodes of the show including the season 6 premiere. However, if fans are curious what they have to look forward to in these upcoming episodes, they can revisit the previously aired Alejandro directed episodes: season 3, episode 26 “Once Upon a Time” or season 5, episode 8 “Spoiler Alert”. In fact, “Spoiler Alert” should give fans a nice idea of what to expect overall as it was written by Chris Rafferty just like “Goodbye, Lucifer” was.

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