Monday, March 20, 2023

Maggie and Negan Come Face To Face in ‘The Walking Dead’ “Home Sweet Home” Opening Scene

TELEVISIONAMCMaggie and Negan Come Face To Face in ‘The Walking Dead’ “Home...

A clip of the first few minutes of The Walking Dead’s next episode post-Whisperer War and 10C premiere, “Home Sweet Home,” has been released. In the wake of the Whisperer War that saw the return of Maggie, she made her return just in time to save Gabriel from imminent doom after he was sure he’d be sacrificing himself.

In the clip below, after attempting to begin settling down again with her son Hershel, she comes face to face with Negan, and she isn’t pleased to see him in the slightest. He tries to smooth things over in the most Negan way possible when greeting her by saying, “Hey Maggie. I didn’t escape, if that’s what you’re thinking.” But she is obviously hurt, shocked, even confused … and we don’t blame her for having questions.

The Walking Dead returns February 28 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. If you’re a subscriber of AMC’s premium streaming service, AMC+, the episodes will be available to stream a week in advance.

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