Felicia Day To Host GISH Wizards & Weirdos Mini Hunt!

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Calling all weirdos (AKA GISHers). It has been announced that our commander in geekdom Felicia Day will be hosting the upcoming GISH mini scavenger hunt themed “Wizards & Weirdos”, a mashup promised to excite both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fans.

This hunt will be a bit different from the traditional course they usually take (I can smell the “Dammit, Misha”s brewing). There will be three classes of prizes this year, and different tasks will contribute more points towards winning a certain class. Teams cannot win in more than one class. Check out the different GISHlandia classes below.

The Knights of the GISH Pentadecagonal Table of GISHLandia: Only the boldest and most adventurous team in the land with the courage to conquer our List will be knighted as part of the Royal Order of the Knights of GISHlandia and honored with a mighty surprise treasure!

The Bards of GISHLandia: No one can out-create or out-weird the team of jesters, performers, and Renaissance folk that will be named the official Bards of GISHLandia. The Bards of GISHLandia will be lauded throughout the land in epic poems and awarded with a mystery prize. 

The Clerics of GISHLandia: The team who best uses their healing magics to cast charms and cantrips to ease the world’s woes will be honored as The Clerics of GISHLandia and receive the Noble** Prize.

Do we know which tasks are weighted towards which tier? No — that would be too easy. What we do know is that registration is $19.99 a pop. If you’re registered for the annual main hunt (or register for both the mini and main hunt simultaneously), 20% of the price of the mini hunt will be discounted. A portion of every registration will be donated to One Warm Coat, providing at least 2 coats to people in need. Upgrading to a Most Premiumerest Registration will provide coats to at least 4 people in need!

Registration for the GISH Wizards & Weirdos Hunt closes on March 2 at 11:59 PT, so make sure to sign up and get weird for good! For more information, make sure to visit the GISH website!

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