Audible Announces Release for ‘Third Eye’ Written and Performed by Felicia Day


From the talented mind of Felicia Day comes Audible’s next highly anticipated original title, Third Eye, and the actress has written and performed the story alongside some very famous friends.

The voice cast of Third Eye includes Neil Gaiman, Sean Astin, London Hughes, Lily Pichu, Christopher Judge, Carolyn Seymour, Laraine Newman, Wil Wheaton, and Danny Pudi. This fantasy adventure brings comedy and heart to listeners and will debut in October.

Third Eye follows our chosen hero, Laurel Pettigrew. Like most of our favorite stories, Laurel was the one hope to defeat the great evil in an epic battle. Destiny seemed to have other plans when Laurel fell flat on her face. Now, instead of the legendary hero that was foretold, she is an outcast. When Laurel failed, it allowed the evil wizard Tybus to take over the realm. With all supernatural creatures under his oppressive rule and stripped of magic if they don’t join him, it is safe to say everyone hates her.

Laurel does have one positive thing in her life: her roommates. Sybil, a sassy fairy, and Frank, a vampire past his prime, are her ride-or-die besties who stick by her side. Soon, things take a weird turn when a surprise guest shows up. Kate is a normal girl who knows a scary amount of information about Laurel. It turns out Kate might just have a secret that will give Laurel and her band of misfits what they need to rewrite their destiny.

Third Eye is a hilarious adventure with enough suspense to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Prepare to gasp, cheer, and laugh your way through this Audible original debuting October 5. Preorder Third Eye here, and listen to a preview below.

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