Heaven’s Most Terrifying Weapon: Remembering Castiel’s Most Badass Moments on ‘Supernatural’

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Angel of Thursday, Baby in a trenchcoat, Unicorn, Clarence, Agent Beyoncé. Castiel, Angel of the Lord was referred to by many names and adjectives alike in the 11 years we got to know him on Supernatural, some affectionate, some not so much (we’re looking at you Metatron). However you describe him, one adjective that can invariably be applied to the character is badass.

From the moment Castiel entered the show, he exuded an aura of power, mystery, and general toughness that quickly made it clear to the audience that he was not one to be trifled with. Though he came to be appreciated for reasons unrelated to his skills as a member of the Winchester clan later on in the series, his power is what initially made him such a great ally to the Winchesters, especially in the midst of the Apocalypse. To celebrate the legacy of the angel’s powerful presence, today we’ll be taking a look back at some of Badasstiel‘s (see what I did there?) best moments on Supernatural.

Castiel’s Entrance – 4×01 “Lazarus Rising”

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Honestly, this scene speaks for itself. Castiel’s entrance was hands down one of the most powerful moments in the entire series. The slow walk, the sparks flying, the utter lack of concern on the angel’s face as he is pelted with shotgun rounds. All of the dramatic effects combined with Misha Collins’ impeccable portrayal of the character enhanced the otherworldly presence of the angel we would come to know and love, giving Castiel one of his most memorable and badass moments to date.

Today You’re My Little Bitch – 5×03 “Free to Be You and Me”

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This season 5 episode boasts more than one fan-favorite Castiel moment, but the one that sticks out the most in terms of badassery is Cas’ unflinching disrespect when facing Raphael. Dean accompanies Cas to find Raphael (who had previously killed Cas when the attempt to break the final seal was taking place), who Cas wished to speak to in order to find God. When the pair manage to trap the archangel in a circle of holy oil, Raphael tells them that God is dead and demands that they let him out, sprinkling in a few threats along the way. Cas, in all his shining glory, drops one of his most iconic lines ever in response to Raphael threatening to find him, declaring “Maybe one day, but today, you’re my little bitch” in his gravelly voice before walking away. I think it’s safe to say that we were all Dean with his interjection of “what he said.”

Hey, Assbutt! – 5×22 “Swan Song”

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Reckless? Yes. Dorky? Absolutely. But we wouldn’t want Cas any other way. Despite his terrible insult generating skills, you have to admit that this one took some cojones. Dean, Bobby, and Cas all go to Stull Cemetary in a last-ditch attempt to stop the Apocolypse. However, their efforts yield little success — and a lot of anger from the archangels. As Michael aggressively approaches Dean donned in Adam’s body (justice for Adam), Cas throws a Molotov cocktail at Michael with the war cry, “Hey, assbutt!”. While the act really only served to make Lucifer mad (cue the explosion literally like 5 seconds later), you’ve got to admit that the bravery in Castiel’s act itself is pretty badass — though his trash-talking skills left something to be desired.

I Rebelled for This? – 5×18 “Point of No Return”

Heaven hath no fury like an angel’s scorn. When Dean is seriously considering giving in to Michael, Cas shows up to quite literally knock some sense into him. The angel lets the hunter know in no uncertain terms that he disapproves of Dean’s plan to give up, especially after Castiel has sacrificed so much to follow and aide him in his endeavor to stop the Apocolypse. While this scene is honestly painful to watch (we hate it when they fight), it undoubtedly showcases Castiel’s unending badassery. Yes, Castiel reminds Dean of just how powerful he can be, but more importantly, he holds his friend to a standard, refusing to let him take the easy way out in the face of everything they’ve fought for.

Will You, Boy? – 6×10 “Caged Heat”

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Season 6 wasn’t the best look for Sam or Cas, but this moment is definitely one that sticks out in between all the mania. After Sam sends out a false prayer to Cas in order to procure his assistance, the two have a little tiff. Cas is busy waging a holy war against Raphael in Heaven, but the Winchesters require his assistance — something that Sam points out. While Cas had long ago proven himself an ally of the Winchesters, in this moment, he reminds Sam in no uncertain terms that he’s still dangerous after Sam has the audacity to threaten him. I think I speak for everyone when I say we were all a little scared for Sam in that moment.

I Can Throw You Back In – 4×02 “Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester”

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This moment was frankly shiver-inducing. The Castiel of old took absolutely no crap from anyone, not even Dean Winchester — especially not Dean Winchester. A mere one episode after his introduction, Castiel (and I do mean Castiel, not Cas, the adorkable ally of the Winchesters) has already had enough of Dean’s typical irreverent attitude (which was honestly kind of warranted at the time, but that’s beside the point). In the face of Dean’s accusations/inquiries, Castiel lets him know in no uncertain terms that Dean should show him more respect because just like he held the power to raise Dean from the pit, he held the power to chuck him back in. While early seasons Cas may not have been the most warm and fuzzy guy, his intensity and presence lent the character the unique draw that quickly cemented him in fans’ hearts.

Cas Kills Billie – 12×09 “First Blood”

This was such an iconic Cas moment — but not for the reasons you might think. Cas has had some pretty gnarly kills — seriously, this isn’t even in the top 10 (hello, literally ripping that monster’s head off with his bare hands back in season 6). The glory lies in this; in the later seasons, Castiel truly transforms into Cas after getting a better understanding of humanity, changing from unflinching angel of steel to the warm and caring (though no less tough) nerdy little guy that has made himself a part of the Winchester clan. This moment showcases the deep, ferocious love that the angel carries for the Winchesters, something that shouldn’t even really be possible with the way the angels were designed. Cas’ devotion to his found family leads him to prove over and over again that he will stop at absolutely nothing to protect the ones he loves, something that is apparent in his speech to the Winchesters after they question his actions.

You know this world, this sad, doomed little world, it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get, and I will not let you die. I won’t let any of you die. And I won’t let you sacrifice yourelves. You mean too much to me, to evereything. Yeah, you made a deal. You made a stupid deal, and I broke it. You’re welcome.

In the Words of a Good Friend, Bite Me – 8×21 “The Great Escapist”

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The patented Winchester sass rubbing off on Heaven’s nerdiest little angel was arguably one of the best things to ever happen on Supernatural. Cas’ biting (get it?) retorts in the face of danger quickly became something that fans thoroughly enjoyed. One such occasion that would fall into said category was Cas standing up to Naomi in her pursuit of the angel tablet. While Naomi is her normally pleasant (read terrible) self, Cas replies to her interrogation with his own acerbic wit, responding to the other angel’s inquiries with the iconic phrase,  “In the words of a good friend, bite me.” Chef’s kiss.

Smoke and Smite – 6×20 “The Man Who Would Be King”

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This is arguably the most underrated Cas moment of all time. Back when the angel still had the majority of his heavenly power at his disposal, he was truly a force to be reckoned with, cutting down just about any evil that stood in his path without hesitation. While Cas was still a force to be reckoned with later on in the series after quite a bit of his power was drained, old Castiel simply had this irrefutable aura of badassery that permeated the early seasons — after all, it’s what lent him some of his mysterious, ethereal quality. While the motives behind Cas’ actions in this episode are questionable, the action of literally stuffing the demon smoke back into its vessel and smiting it is mind-blowingly badass — can I just add that the casual hand wipe afterwards is everything.

While these and many other scenes showcase Castiel’s divine might, it must be said that the thing that made Cas the most powerful was never his grace, it was his personality. The angel’s capacity for free will, his conviction to help people and follow the path that he thought was right, and the unique love he held for his found family, humanity, and the world despite everything done to force him to the contrary was the most badass aspect of Heaven’s most fearsome angel. Castiel’s defiance in the face of all odds to carve his own path and help save the world will always be his most powerful legacy, and for that, we will always be grateful for his character’s introduction.

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