Friday, March 24, 2023

‘His Dark Materials’ Renewed For Final Season

TELEVISIONBBC'His Dark Materials' Renewed For Final Season

The BBC and HBO confirmed today that His Dark Materials will return for a third and final season! With each season of the series roughly corresponding to one book in the beloved trilogy, this means the hit adaptation will be able to finish Lyra’s story. His Dark Materials aired the season 2 finale this week in the U.K., with U.S. viewers getting the finale this coming Monday.

The series is based on the critically acclaimed and wildly popular trilogy of books by Phillip Pullman, which was previously adapted into a film in 2007 and has spawned several spinoff novels. That film deviated from the source material and was largely disliked by fans. The television adaptation, on the other hand, has been praised by fans and critics alike for its care in bringing the books to life. The third season is expected to follow the plot of the final book, The Amber Spyglass, with the second season largely adapting the middle book The Subtle Knife. The final season is expected to begin filming in 2021, with no word yet on a release date.

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