Saturday, May 21, 2022

Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster, Doug Benson and Jerry Trainor Are Back on ‘Will You Accept This Rose?’

Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster, Doug Benson and Jerry Trainor are back on the Will You Accept This Rose? podcast to talk with Arden Myrin about the latest episode of The Bachelorette. This week is a special episode with a celebration of Arden Myrin’s birthday and everyone wearing matching rompers:

It’s a POWERHOUSE ARDEN’S BIRTHDAY BONANZA ROMPER EXTRAVAGANZA with Doug Benson, Jerry Trainor, Paget Brewster and Rob Benedict. Rompers! Tongue Kisses! Dicks in Boxes!

– Arden is in her full birthday regalia celebrating as only an adult lady in her bougie garage in a pandemic can!

– Doug channels his inner cult leader as “The Captain”!

– Paget NEEDS to know who makes Tayshia’s bras!

– Rob has the mic drop moment as he names the episode!

– Jerry is the first to be sacrificed taint first by the Captain!

All that plus……..TWEET OF THE WEEK!

Rob Benedict recently came back on the finale season of Supernatural as Chuck and is the co-host, with Richard Speight, Jr., of Kings of Con: The Podcast. Paget Brewster played Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds and was recently on Hollywood as Tallulah Bankhead. Doug Benson is the host of the Doug Loves Movies podcasts. Jerry Trainor will be back to iCarly next year for the Paramount+ reboot of the show.

Check the Twitter announcement here:

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Will You Accept This Rose? is available to listen on Apple Podcasts and wherever you listen to podcasts.

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