Thus Spake the Lord: 10 Times Chuck Shurley Had the Best Lines on ‘Supernatural’


God said it himself, villains really do get the best lines. Chuck Shurley has been entertaining us on Supernatural since season 4 where he was introduced as a prophet. While his appearances were few in earlier seasons, he would eventually work his way back into the story as God himself, and then the series’ unlikely villain. Whether Chuck is having a friendly interaction with Sam and Dean, or literally trying to destroy them, he’s prepared with some pretty memorable lines. Here’s a look back at 10 of our favorite Chuck Shurley lines.

Season 4 Episode 18:Monster at the End of This Book

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“Yeah, no, I’m definitely a god. A cruel, cruel, capricious god.”

When we first met Chuck, he was simply a jumpy, drunk writer who turned out to be a prophet. Upon learning that he was, in fact, writing the story of Sam and Dean Winchester in detail, he utters a line that may have made us chuckle at the time. Looking back, one has to wonder if Chuck was actually telling us early on that we was indeed, God.

Season 5 Episode 4: “The End”

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“Some free advice? You ever get back there, you hoard toilet paper. You understand me? Hoard it. Hoard it like it’s made of gold. ‘Cause it is.”

This is one of the most popular lines of the show. Dean is sent from 2009 to the future by Zachariah to see that he has to agree to be Michael’s vessel in the war against Lucifer. Dean travels to 2014 where the world is ravaged by the Croatoan virus. When Chuck gives that warning to Dean, it’s in case the hunter makes it to his own time zone.  If we consider the events of 2020, it was really prophetic.

Season 5 Episode 22: “Swan Song”

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“No doubt — endings are hard. But, then again, nothing ever really ends, does it?”

Perhaps one of Chuck’s best lines came from the season 5 finale. While writing and narrating the ending of season 5, Chuck says this line right before disappearing into thin air, a move that would leave the fandom speculating for years on whether or not Chuck is actually God.

Season 11 Episode 20: “Don’t Call Me Shurley”

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“You know what humanity’s greatest creation has been? Music. That and nacho cheese. Even I couldn’t have dreamt up that deliciousness. But music … is magic. 

We learn about what happened since we last saw Chuck. He traveled, dated, started a blog, but really he started his autobiography and needs Metatron to help him. Truthfully, he is hiding from Amara. At the end of the episode, we get proof that music is indeed magic when Chuck heals Sam and a whole town while singing “Fare Thee Well.”

Season 14 Episode 20: “Moriah”

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“Is it? I’m a writer. Lying’s kinda what we do.”

Chuck uses this line after Jack lost control of his powers and forced everyone to tell the truth. He gives permission to everyone to lie again to maintain the peace and Castiel is surprised by God’s stance. During the scene, Chuck seems to enjoy the whole chaos. It’s the first hint we have that Chuck may not be as helpful as expected with the Jack’s situation. The line is both a call back to when we met Chuck the writer and a hint of what is to come.

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“Fine! That’s the way you want it? Story’s over. Welcome to The End.”

At the end of the episode, Chuck is trying to get Dean to kill Jack and is clearly enjoying it the whole situation. Sam understands what Chuck is trying to accomplish and ends up shooting him. Chuck is angry that his characters are turning against him and, as he is the writer of the story, decides to end it. We see now that Chuck was never on Sam and Dean’s side.

Season 15 Episode 4: “Atomic Monsters”

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“I can see it now, ‘Supernatural: The End.’ And the cover is just a gravestone that says “Winchester.” The fans are gonna love it.”

While we may never be certain about what Chuck’s ideal ending for the story actually was, this line definitely lead us to believe that it wouldn’t be a happy one. Based on Chuck’s excitement over a potential book cover, he certainly wanted a dramatic and tragic ending. Looking back at how things actually ended, we can’t help but wonder if Chuck still got his ending regardless of being stripped of his ability to control the story.

Season 15 Episode 12: “Galaxy Brain”

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“Those other toys, they don’t spark joy. But Sam and Dean … the real Sam and Dean … they do. They challenge me, they disappoint me, they surprise me. They’re the ones.”

If you ever wondered why Chuck was so obsessed with our Sam and Dean when he literally created countless other versions of the story, he has an explanation for you. Like any writer, he has a favorite, and the fact that Sam and Dean keep him on his toes brings him great joy.

Season 15 Episode 17: “Unity”

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“Villains get all the best lines.”

The villains indeed often get the best and memorable lines in a story. Chuck Shurley has so many great lines on the show for a character who was in only 20 episodes, and some of them hint that there always was something more to him that just being a writer and a prophet. Maybe we shouldn’t have been so surprised when God turned to be the biggest bad guy on the show.

Season 15 Episode 19: “Inherit the Earth”

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“Eternal suffering sounds good on paper, but as a viewing experience, it’s just kind of … meh.”

Chuck is a fickle writer and it’s evident through season 15. It’s even more relevant in the second to last episode, at first he seems content with letting Sam, Dean, and Jack live on an empty planet alone. He thinks that the guys suffering alone is deep. He calls that ending a ‘page-turner.’ However, it doesn’t take long for Chuck to change his mind. When he confronts them again, he decides that eternal suffering isn’t as exciting as he thought it would be.

What are your favorites Chuck’s quotes? Let us know in the comments!

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