Review: ‘Fading Memories’ #1 Shows A New Side of ‘The Witcher’

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Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

While we wait for the second season of The Witcher to come out, Dark Horse Comics is filling the fantasy world void with a new story from our favorite white-haired monster killer!

As the first installment of the new miniseries, Fading Memories #1 follows Geralt of Rivia after monster threats has seemingly vanished, and he tries to figure out where he fits in this world. Written by Bartosz Sztybor, this comic features artwork by Amad Mir and Hamid Sheykh, and the covers are by Evan Cagle and Jeremy Wilson.

Warning: Spoilers for Fading Memories #1 below!

The story starts off with a lonely Geralt thinking back on the days when he had monsters to kill. Geralt admits that he has lost his Witcher instincts, charging toward a deer that he initially thought was a monster. This unique perspective is far from what The Witcher fans are used to. No longer do we see a strong, confident killer protecting others. In its place, the once-feared Witcher now depressively wanders from village to village.

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

After a run in with villagers in a tavern that confirmed the lonely, unsatisfying life Geralt is living, a fisherman stops the white-haired man saying he has a job for him. In the next scene, Geralt is on a boat with the fisherman catching their next meal. The inner monologue of the monster killer takes the reader on a journey of unsure yet hopeful thoughts. Maybe he could start a new life with different possibilities?

In a small action sequence, the fisherman tells a quick tale about mermaids attacking anyone who sailed across the sea before offering the Witcher a long-term job on the boat with him. Geralt says he’ll think about it before another man comes to him with a job. A real Witcher job. A job Geralt has longed for. Geralt tells the fisherman that he will be back once he finishes the job, and makes his way to Poviss.

I wandered Poviss, town to town, looking for fresh starts. But wherever I went, I met that same look. Fear. And pity. Idleness is worse than fear, worse than death.

As soon as Geralt began hunting the the monster, his instincts began to come back. He finally felt like he was himself again. He is finally happy again. This is the Geralt the reader knows and loves. Things seem to be on the up and up … until a horrific twist.

To be continued…

This first installment of Fading Memories is so different from what we’re used to it can be somewhat shocking. However, the storytelling sucks you in, making it hard to put down. The art is simply incredible, using shadows and mute colors to show the emotions Geralt is working through during the story. The more depressed mood we see the Witcher struggling with is truly heartbreaking, but the ending gives us hope that he will find his way.

Fading Memories #1 is now available. You can buy a copy from the Dark Horse website here.

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