Sunday, October 2, 2022

New Clip of ‘Supernatural’ Series Finale Released!

THE CWSUPERNATURALNew Clip of 'Supernatural' Series Finale Released!

Ahead of tonight’s series finale, fans are being treated to a new clip from the very last episode of Supernatural!

Dean and Sam visit what can only be described as one the top five items on Dean Winchester’s Bucket List: the 43rd Annual Akron Pie Fest. We all know of Dean’s deep love and devotion to all things pie, and it’s a fun, lighthearted moment between the brother’s as Dean fetches not one, but six different slices of pie for them to feast on. Check out the trailer below!

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They bittersweetly discuss Cas and Jack, wishing they could be there with them to enjoy the moment. Of course, Sam has to have his fun, too, and smashes a slice in Dean’s face giving him (and us) a good chuckle at Dean’s expense. There is also a great easter egg in the background!

Supernatural kicks off its series finale event this evening with the documentary “Supernatural: The Long Road Home” at 8 p.m. ET followed by the final episode, “Carry On,” at 9 p.m. ET so be sure to tune in for one last ride!

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