Happy Birthday, Jake Abel! Our Favorite Moments


Happy birthday to Jake Abel, who just finished his run as Michael/Adam on Supernatural! Over the years, we’ve seen him grow from third wheel Winchester to powerful archangel, with stops in Olympus and Forks, WA in between. Read on for some of our favorite Jake Abel moments in honor of his birthday!

Adam Milligan/Michael, Supernatural

Image courtesy of The CW

As Adam, the third son of John Winchester and eventual vessel for Michael, Abel became a beloved part of the Supernatural fandom. For years, both Abel and the fans participated in a long-running joke about whether Adam was still trapped in Lucifer’s cage after the events of season 5’s “Swan Song,” with Abel even appearing in a Hillywood Show parody as Adam. With the final season announced, many wondered if Abel would make another appearance before the show took its final bow. Making his return a full 10 years after his last appearance, Abel returned as both Adam and Michael in “Our Father Who Aren’t in Heaven,” making his final appearance in “Inherit The Earth” just in time to help defeat God.

Luke Castellan, Percy Jackson and The Olympians series

Abel first became known to a generation of fans through his portrayal of charming antagonist Luke Castellan in both The Lightening Thief and Sea of Monsters. Although some fans had qualms about the changes made from adapting the books for the screen, Abel’s portrayal of Luke was widely praised. With the reboot of the series recently announced for Disney+, may we recommend a certain former Olympian to join the cast?

Ian O’Shea, The Host

Image courtesy Open Road Films.

Working with Stephenie Meyer for the first time, Abel played conflicted character Ian in The Host, an adaptation of Meyer’s novel. Ian is a human caught between his feelings for alien Wanderer/Wanda (who is trapped in the body of Melanie, a human who loves another man) and his loyalty to his human friends fighting the alien invasion. Abel plays Ian’s journey from hating to loving Wanda well, letting us see the relationship develop onscreen.

Spencer, Go Figure!

Image courtesy Disney.

We simply couldn’t write this article without including this one. Go Figure! follows Kaitlin, a young figure skater forced to join a hockey team in order to train at an expensive boarding school. Abel’s first film (and a favorite of those who love old school Disney Channel Original Movies) sees him playing Spencer, the assistant coach of the girl’s hockey team who gives Kaitlin a hard time at first. But after he sees her dedication to both hockey and figure skating, he ends up becoming her biggest fan. This is an oldie but a goodie, available now on Disney+ if you’re looking for some fun nostalgia.

Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun audiobook

Reuniting with Stephenie Meyer, Abel recently narrated the audiobook for Midnight Sun, the novel telling the story of Twilight from vampire Edward Cullen’s perspective. His performance is different from Robert Pattinson’s (who played Edward in the films), offering fans the chance to see another actor interpret the iconic character in a brand new medium.

Himself, Jake and Quarantine

If you’ve been following Abel on social media lately, you’ve likely come across Jake&Bake, Jake and Quarantine, or Bravelecki, Abel’s hilarious quarantine projects. From attempting to bake to answering fan questions to whatever the heck Bravelecki was, Abel has been keeping spirits up and making us laugh throughout quarantine. He’s even participated in Creation Entertainment’s virtual con lineup, answering fan questions and participating in meet and greets. Here’s hoping we see more of him both in his on projects and at conventions soon!

Happy birthday, Jake, from all your friends at Nerds and Beyond! What other Jake Abel moments did we miss? Leave your birthday wishes and suggestions in the comments.

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