Review: ‘Bill and Ted Are Doomed’ Issue #3 by Evan Dorkin

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Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics/Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer.

Bill and Ted are back once again in issue #3 of 4 in the Bill and Ted Are Doomed miniseries! The duo, as well as Death, Joanna, Elizabeth, Billie, and Thea, are once again taking part in disastrous situations that cause an avalanche of reactions. The new issue — written by Evan Dorkin with art and lettering by Roger Langridge — is available now!

Warning: Spoilers for issue #3 below!

The issue begins with multiple different dimensions past and present that prove Bill and Ted haven’t written the song that saves the universe. Bill and Ted are still trying to make up for their lack of control over their finances to Joanna and Elizabeth. In this installment, the Wyld Stallyns have made it to Scandinavia for the death metal festival that they’ve accidentally booked due to actual Death being in the band.

A misunderstanding takes place between the band set to play, the promoters, and Bill and Ted, resulting in them being marked for unavoidable death (really takes the “Death to False Metal” seriously) by the bandleader and metal fans alike. Able to narrowly escape their demise by hiding in plain sight, which really means pretending to be their evil counterparts that De Nomolos created, they are almost able to get away completely until fans start narcing on Death and his 10-minute bass solos, causing him to get fired up and blow their cover.

So far in the series, Dorkin has captured the essence of not only the films, but other writings from the franchise. This issue is no different — the language used is classic Bill and Ted. This isn’t the first time Dorkin has penned a Bill and Ted piece; he wrote and illustrated the 90’s comic as well. Bringing him on not only gives a sense of familiarity to fans but also the characters, as he’s worked with them before.

Another highlight is Langridge’s art. It’s a recipe of excellent perfection. Langridge’s characters continue to be spot on, and they fit in perfectly with the tone of not just the comic, but the franchise as a whole. As was the goal, they nailed it flawlessly. The continuous addition of Rufus and Station in each issue in the dialogue and caricature gives a nod to dedicated fans but also aids in filling the 30-year gap that fans have missed out on.

Bill and Ted Are Doomed issue #3 is available for purchase from Dark Horse digitally and in print at your local comic shop. The fourth and final issue will hit stands on December 9.

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