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The Eighth Doctor and The Daleks Become Allies in Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who – Time Lord Victorious: The Enemy of My Enemy’

BBCDOCTOR WHOThe Eighth Doctor and The Daleks Become Allies in Big Finish's 'Doctor...

The Eighth Doctor is back in a second audio drama taking place in the Time Lord Victorious universe called The Enemy of My Enemy. Time Lord Victorious is a multi-platform Doctor Who event including books, comics, audio dramas, an escape room, and more. In this story, The Doctor will have to ally himself with one of his worst enemies: The Dalek Time Squad.

Paul McGann reprises his role of The Eighth Doctor and is joined in this full-cast audio drama by Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks, Rachel Atkins, Samantha Béart, Jacob Dudman, and Raj Ghatak.

Doctor Who – Time Lord Victorious: The Enemy of My Enemy is written by Tracy Ann Baines, directed by Scott Handcock, and produced by David Richardson. You can read the synopsis below:

The people of Wrax are happy to begin peaceful negotiations with the Dalek Empire. The two species are preparing to engage in an alliance that will last throughout the ages. The only one who seems to object to this happy union is the Doctor. He knows that you can never trust the Daleks. But more than that, he knows that the Wraxians should never have existed…

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Writer Tracy Ann Baines said:

“I’ve been a fan of ‘Doctor Who’ since I was a child and hiding behind sofas, so to be given the opportunity to be part of this world and to write for the Doctor was just too exciting for words! ‘The Enemy of My Enemy’ pits the Doctor against his greatest foe, the Daleks, yet not all is as it seems as the Doctor and the Daleks are forced to work together to solve the mystery of a time anomaly and contact with a civilisation that should never have existed.”

Actor Paul McGann added:

“Teaming the Eighth Doctor up with the Daleks has been the greatest thrill of my life. It’s made everything worthwhile.”

Doctor Who – Time Lord Victorious: The Enemy of My Enemy is available to purchase as a collector’s edition CD or digital download on the Big Finish website. Listeners can save money by purchasing a bundle of this adventure alongside other Time Lord Victorious audio dramas.

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