Behind the Scenes of a Haunted House at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights Released

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Image courtesy of Universal Orlando

If you are a fan of the horror genre, you recognize the name Greg Nicotero. He is a fantastic SFX, make-up wizard, executive producer, director, writer, and actor that has been involved in projects like Watchmen, The Walking Dead franchise, Preacher, Masters of Horror, The Hills Have Eyes, Hostel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more.

Nicotero joins Universal Orlando’s Senior Director of Creative Development Mike Aiello and Senior Show Director Charles Gray on a behind the scenes tour on bringing a Halloween event to life. The specific Halloween event is the haunted house for next year’s terrifying Puppet Theater: Captive Audience. Just the title sends shivers down my spine; anything with creepy dolls and puppets, no thank you. This “demented” and “twisted” side of puppet theater is here for you to scream, I mean screen, below – as a heads up, the video does have a graphic content warning at the start of it.

For more information on the spooky event and plan your visit to Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights, you can visit the park’s website.

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