Review: ‘Frozen’ Fans Will Love ‘Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets: The Story of Iduna and Agnarr’


Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets: The Story of Iduna and Agnarr is set to release this November and Frozen fans are in for a magically enchanting story that will pull them in for the very first page. Author Mari Mancusi has expanded on the world fans already know so that Iduna and Agnarr’s story falls seamlessly in line with what we know about Arendelle and the Northuldra while also infusing the story with brand new details.

Mancusi has a beautiful way of including well-known elements from Frozen into the story without anything feeling forced or out of place. Those moments give much of what we hear and see in the films a deeper meaning and adds a richer, bittersweet background to Elsa and Anna’s tale. Once readers finish Dangerous Secrets, their favorite elements of the movies will feel even more significant and they surely will never see the films the same way again. Don’t be mistaken though, Dangerous Secrets stands on its own in every way. While it’s a sequel to the Frozen films, Agnarr and Iduna’s story brings readers to a different Arendelle reeling from the recent loss of their king, Agnarr’s father, when Agnarr is just 14 years old. 12-year-old Iduna does what she can to help the young prince and they grow up together becoming fast friends bonded by tragedy.

While Agnarr is trained from the day he’s born to become king, Iduna’s childhood could not be more different and it’s this fact to which the title Dangerous Secrets eludes. Iduna must navigate a new life in Arendelle while keeping her true identity as Northuldra a secret. From the day the forest fell and the mist descended, trapping everyone inside and forbidding the entrance of anyone outside, Arendellians have despised the Northuldra. They are blamed for every bad thing in Arendelle which forces Iduna to keep her secret from even her closest friend, Agnarr.

Disney is known for true love stories, and at its heart the book is a beautiful, true love story between Agnarr and Iduna. Readers get to watch as the best friends realize they are in love with one another, and struggle to come to terms with what that means for them as well as the country. The two keep their romance a secret, but face pressure from Agnaar’s council when the safety of Arendelle is threatened and their love is put to the test.

The story of Agnarr and Iduna spans decades, but Mancusi cleverly incorporates time jumps that never leave the reader feeling as if they are missing anything from those intervening years. The point of view shifts between Iduna and Agnarr allowing readers a more intimate understanding of both characters. Iduna is an extremely intelligent, determined, and kind girl that truly wants what’s best for those in her life. In her readers will recognize Elsa’s sharp wit, Anna’s sense of adventure and friendly nature, and their capacity for love. Agnarr is more reserved, but no less intelligent and is determined to make sure every decision he makes is what is best for Arendelle; a familiar characteristic seen in both Elsa and Anna.

Frozen fans will recognize the sisters love for chocolate which is weaved throughout the book, learn the origins of “conceal, don’t feel” and so much more. Mancusi expertly takes the world fans know and expounds on it tenfold until we feel as if we know every one of these characters personally. It’s a wonderful story that Disney fans won’t want to miss out on.

Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets: The Story of Iduna and Agnarr is available in stores and online Tuesday, November 3.

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