Felicia Day Launches ‘WomenR’ Twitch Series


Actress Felicia Day has launched a new eight-part Twitch series titled WomenR, first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Each week will focus on four women in traditionally male-dominated fields — including gaming, comics, and showrunners, among others — and their struggles to be accepted and grow in their industry. The first episode, released on September 28, featured a diverse group of women professional gaming streamers.

Additional guests in the coming weeks will include board game designer Elizabeth Hargrave, comic book author Aminder Dhaliwal, showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett, and video game designer Bonnie Ross, plus many more women in various fields as they share their honest and sometimes hilarious stories of “making it” in their profession, all in an unstructured and informal setting.

Day told The Hollywood Reporter the following:

Visibility equals possibility for me…This is an opportunity for me to not only highlight, but also learn from other women in different areas, and hopefully inspire other people to pursue careers in those areas. I’ve seen a big shift into having more diverse storytelling, but I feel like the cliches still abound, and a lot of the people who are gatekeepers are very much locked into reinforcing cliches because they’re comfortable for audiences.

Be sure to tune into the WomenR streams on Day’s Twitch channel!

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