Channel Your Inner Billy Butcher With Diabolical New ‘The Boys’ Mobile Game ‘Baby Laser Tag’

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Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

Few things compare to the absolute glee on Billy Butcher’s face as he harnessed the power of a diabolical pint-sized baby Supe with laser vision in season 1 of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys.

Now, just a few days ahead of the premiere of the highly anticipated second season, you too can channel your inner Butcher from the comfort of your own home — no actual babies, Compound V, or corrupt corporations with depraved Supes required. The Boys has just dropped a brand new AR-style mobile game, Baby Laser Tag, which is available on iOS and Android devices. This first-of-its-kind FPS game of laser tag AR is a collaboration between Amazon and design and experience agency Jam3, as well as the digital agency AKQA.

After downloading Baby Laser Tag, find yourself an open area wherever you’re currently located, in order to leave room for maximum laser baby antics without the worry of knocking over an unsuspecting houseplant or two. As this is an augmented reality game, it will prompt you to scan the phone over your surroundings before getting started, which is a fairly quick and painless process.

After you’re set, you’ll receive instructions from some familiar faces — the Boys themselves — as you get ready to wield your own snuggly bundle of joy equipped with murderous laser eyes. Then, the team will set you free to blast 3D character models of Vought agents and Supes (and yes, there will be blood … plenty of it.) Stay sharp and make sure to pick up health packs and vials of Compound V throughout, or you may not make it to the end of your mission.

In case you missed it, Amazon dropped a parody trailer — infomercial style — for the game earlier this morning. Check it out below.

Catch the first three episodes of season 2 of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, September 4. The remaining five episodes will drop weekly through October 9.

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