Three ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Themed Xbox Consoles Are Coming Our Way

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Image courtesy of Xbox

In continuation of all the exciting news from the DC FanDome event this past weekend, Xbox has announced that it will be releasing three specially designed consoles for the film Wonder Woman 1984. Each console is unique and completely customized to fit the colorful and retro theme of the upcoming movie.

Image courtesy of Xbox

The first of the three consoles is a “Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Xbox One X Console,” which features an orange hood topped by the Wonder Woman logo in bright 80’s style colors surrounded by a braided golden-colored Lasso of Truth. In an exciting turn of events, Xbox will be giving this console away to a fan in a social media sweepstakes. To enter, you simply need to retweet the announcement post from Xbox between now and September 17.

Image courtesy of Xbox

The second console is the “Wonder Woman Golden Armor Xbox One X Console” based on the golden armor worn by Wonder Woman during the new film. This console features 24-carat gold leaves and a golden eagle crest resting below a 3D Wonder Woman 1984 logo. Unlike the first console, this one will not be available in the sweepstakes. This will be put for auction with all proceeds going to the charity Together for Her. The charity is a domestic violence response organization helping girls and women around the world during the pandemic.I just 

Image courtesy of Xbox

The last console is perhaps the most outrageous of the bunch. The “Barbara Minerva Xbox One X Console” takes its look from the villain of the upcoming film and features studs, snakeskin, and faux leopard fur (yes, we did say faux fur) along with a gold 3D printed Wonder Woman 1984 logo. 

Xbox has not yet released any information about when or where this console will be available, keep an eye out here for updates.



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