‘Fable’ Reboot Gets First Trailer at Xbox Games Showcase


Xbox and Playground Games has finally released a small teaser to the long-awaited Fable reboot game during the Xbox Games Showcase today.

While calling it a trailer is a bit of a reach, it did at least preview the world of the reboot with narration from Richard Ayoade. The preview showed very little in the way of gameplay, but Heroes are still very much alive and well in Albion much to Ayoade’s vegetable enthusiast’s dismay. While not many details have been released, the reboot will likely follow the role-playing game’s path of the Fable properties of the past, with your choices affecting your reputation throughout the land pulling you towards good or evil, sword fights, magical abilities, thievery, and optional side quests.

It’s been over 10 years since a new Fable was released, with Fable: The Journey in 2012 and Fable III in 2010. Fans of the franchise can’t help but laugh at the opening line of the preview, “Oh, we’re finally doing this?” after waiting so many years for what will be the sixth game in the series, three since the official announcement of the reboot in 2020.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available as we await a release date and gameplay footage.

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