Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Lewis Capaldi Strips Down “Before You Go” in Live Orchestral Edition

MUSICLewis Capaldi Strips Down "Before You Go" in Live Orchestral Edition

“What were your plans?” is the conversation starter question drawn from everyone’s mouth amid the Coronavirus pandemic, which has caused many lives to come to a standstill for several months. That’s something no different for Scottish superstar Lewis Capaldi, who was meant to be packing up his forlorn love songs so they could share space with similar heartbreak weather by his mate Niall Horan.

While his suitcase may remain bare, his computer is a different story, as it comes packed with a plethora of musical tabs playing an ode to his hit “Before You Go.” In the YouTube video, Capaldi’s first seen on a video chat having technical difficulties before disappearing when the starting keys begin. As we become more entranced, there’s even a cheeky video call request from Horan that gets rejected.

Make sure to watch the video below before Capaldi has to knock on your computer screen to captivate your attention. Unless it’s an action you want him to take? Then certainly wait.

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