‘Midnight Sun’ by Stephenie Meyer Now Available!


Alright, Twihards. Time to dust off that Team Edward and Team Jacob merch and get ready for another new perspective in the Twilight saga. After many, many years, Midnight Sun is now available for purchase in bookstores and online here!

Midnight Sun will follow the infamous love story of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, pulling from Twilight, the first book in the series. The twist? This version of the story will be told entirely through Edward’s point of view. We’ll learn more about the mysterious and brooding vampire and his inner thoughts as he begins to fall fangs over heels for Bella.

But the news doesn’t stop there. Midnight Sun is also available as an audiobook, narrated by Jake Abel, who played Ian O’Shea in the movie adaptation of Meyer’s book The Host. You can purchase the audiobook here.

In the words of Edward Cullen, “you are my life now,” and we can’t wait to dig into his story.

Julia is a writer/editor/content assistant for Nerds who joined the team in 2019.

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