Saturday, December 3, 2022

The ‘Harley Quinn’ Animated Series Is Now Available to Stream on HBO Max

TELEVISIONHBO MaxThe 'Harley Quinn' Animated Series Is Now Available to Stream on HBO...

Fans of the Harley Quinn animated series can now rejoice, because the first two seasons of the popular adult DC series are now available to stream on HBO Max!

Originally introduced on DC Universe, season one of Harley Quinn saw Harley (Kaley Cuoco) staying with Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) after her breakup with the Joker, while also embarking on her new journey and attempting to join the Legion of Doom.

In season two, Gotham City gets a shake-up (literally, there’s an earthquake), so Harley takes the lead in the newly formed Injustice League which puts a major target on her back. At the end of season two, fans also get a first look at the romance that has sparked between Harley and Ivy.

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