Top 5 Moments from ‘Lore Olympus’: Eros

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Lore Olympus is a webcomic created by Rachel Smythe that retells the story of Hades and Persephone with a modern twist and also features other stories from Greek mythology woven into the tale. She has a wonderfully unique comic style and is a masterful storyteller, which makes this a highly bingeworthy series. I strongly recommend reading the series before reading this article, as there will be major spoilers! It is important to note that while some chapters deal with adult themes, they’re all clearly labeled, so nothing should catch you off guard. The first season has wrapped up with 115 episodes, so to celebrate and look back on the series so far, I’m gathering some of the top moments from some favorite characters! So far we’ve done Persephone and Artemis, and this time we’ll be looking at Eros, the God of Love.

5. Bringing “apology donuts” to Persephone

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

The first time we see Eros is when he gets Persephone drunk per his mother Aphrodite’s orders. He is clearly uncomfortable with her whole plan of hiding her in Hades’ car for him to find, and in an attempt to apologize he shows up at Artemis’ house the next day. After an initial cold welcome, he bribes his way in with donuts and explains why Aphrodite has so much control over him. Despite his rather dramatic retelling of how he got into his situation, we see a glimpse of his caring and protective nature when he rescued Psyche, which becomes important later in the season.

4. Sensing Persephone’s admission to having a crush on Hades

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

Being the God of love, it’s no surprise Eros can sense when someone openly admits their crush even if they aren’t nearby. Persephone’s admission to her crush on Hades seems especially important to him because he sensed it on day one, despite her insistence he was wrong. However, Eros – keeping to his self-improvement promise – isn’t just there to get all the juicy details (though those are obviously still important). When Persephone breaks down over Hades’ seemingly unreciprocated feelings, he becomes a very comforting shoulder to cry on.

3. Taking Persephone shopping

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

After riling up Persephone by asking to keep the fur coat Hades gave her, Eros gets a very mischievous glint in his eye which only grows larger when she also admits to not having gone shopping for modern clothes yet. He pulls both her and Artemis to the mall, tosses out her shopping list, dismisses all of her objections, and picks out everything himself and pays for it, thus getting Persephone items she likely wouldn’t be able to afford on her own. In doing so, he helps her blend in a little easier to life in Olympus and leaves her with one less thing to be self conscious about. Plus, Eros clearly has an impeccable fashion sense, as Persephone’s future outfits are beautiful and flattering.

2. Shooting arrows at Apollo for bothering Persephone

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

Eros always seems to find himself around Persephone when she needs him. In this instance, it’s when Apollo corners her in her own home after steadfastly refusing to believe she doesn’t like him, despite her constant insistence otherwise. Just as he threatens her with an arranged marriage, Eros swoops in and fires several arrows through the window at Apollo and threatens his chance of ever finding love if he doesn’t leave Persephone alone. He comforts her in the aftermath and convinces her to take the day off school to recover and doesn’t push her to talk about it. Instead, Eros takes Persephone up on her offer to bake something at his house to help distract her from what happened, showing that he can be a great friend.

1. Comforting Persephone after she admits what happened with Apollo

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

As we’ve seen in previous examples, Eros likes to be involved in anything involving romance (and shopping)! But when Persephone tells him what happened between her and Apollo, we really see his caring nature and emotional maturity shine. He assures her she did nothing wrong and that her confused feelings are normal. Eros puts Persephone’s feelings first and promises to not tell anyone even though he wants Apollo to pay for what he did simply because she isn’t comfortable with doing so yet, and tells her he’ll be right there with her when she is. This is my favorite moment with Eros, because we see so much depth to his character, and it expands upon that hint of his protective nature we saw with Psyche. He had a rocky start but he’s proving again and again to be a fantastic, trustworthy friend to Persephone.

Did your favorite scene make the cut? Let us know in the comments! Lore Olympus will return for season two on August 2. In the meantime, stay tuned for future installments featuring Hades, Hermes, Hera, and more! Be on the lookout for a special top 10 Hades and Persephone moments!

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