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Lore Olympus is a webcomic created by Rachel Smythe that retells the story of Hades and Persephone with a modern twist, and also features other stories from Greek mythology woven into the tale. Her comic style and masterful storytelling make this series bingeworthy and highly entertaining, and it’s one of my personal favorite comics I’ve ever read. I strongly recommend reading the series before reading this article, as there will be major spoilers! The first season has wrapped up with 115 episodes, so to celebrate and look back on the series so far I’m gathering some of the top moments from some favorite characters! First up was Persephone, and now we’re on to Artemis — the independent, protective, and strongly opinionated Goddess of the Hunt.

5. Slapping Apollo for criticizing her outfit

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

Artemis is the epitome of a strong, independent goddess who won’t take crap from anyone. That includes her own brother, who so unwisely chose to comment on what she was wearing in her own house. Complaining about seeing a bellybutton? Really, Apollo? I’d be mad too. It might have been an extreme reaction, but he still deserved that slap.

4. Literally burning with rage in the presence of Hades

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

I’m sure most people have felt a burning rage over something at least once in their lives, but apparently goddesses can literally burn with rage! While I’m sure Artemis didn’t find any of this amusing, I definitely got a few laughs out of it. She has not been shy about how she feels about the King of the Underworld, and this is no exception. I mean, you’d have to really, really loathe someone for your body to spontaneously burst into flame in their presence. Unfortunately for her, Hestia insisted Hades stay for a presentation – in her own house, of all places – so she had to deal with it.

3. Keying Zeus and Hades’ cars

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

Continuing with the distain for Hades, another of my favorite moments is when Artemis decides to go key his and Zeus’ cars. Persephone was upset after admitting to a crush on Hades, but she’s heartbroken because she thinks he doesn’t feel the same. Artemis clearly has had enough of all three of the Kings and their nonsense and sets off to retaliate. Once again, it might be an extreme reaction, but Artemis clearly cares about her friend, and I know I’d appreciate having a friend who’s got my back like she does. She apparently was successful for two out of three, but only because Poseidon doesn’t have a car. You lucked out this time, buddy.

2. Making an apology cake for Persephone

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

I love this scene because it shows that while she can be brash and stubborn, she also can be kind and is able to apologize for her sometimes hypocritical actions. It’s a fantastic bonding moment between Artemis and Persephone and adds more depth to their friendship. It might not be the prettiest cake in the world, but what she lacks in baking skills she makes up for with sincerity.

1. Standing up to Demeter

Image courtesy of Lore Olympus/Rachel Smythe

This is, by far, my favorite Artemis moment. The way she stands up for Persephone despite not knowing her at all, and against Demeter – one of the Six Traitors – is the epitome of her personality: stubborn, confident, caring, and opinionated. Demeter is not known for being overly kind to anyone who comes at her with an attitude but that didn’t stop Artemis. She appears to be the first one to actually treat Persephone as an individual and not a showpiece, especially after noticing how miserable she looks both in the mortal realm and the meeting. Her offer was angrily refused by Demeter at first, but later on it was that chance Artemis gave to Persephone that let her move to Olympus after all.

Did your favorite scene make the cut? Let us know in the comments! Lore Olympus will return for season two on August 2. In the meantime, stay tuned for future installments featuring Hades, Hermes, Hera, and more! Be on the lookout for a special top ten Hades and Persephone moments!

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