Nintendo’s ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Summer Update Wave 2 is a Dream…Literally

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is ready to end summer with a bang with the Wave 2 update!

Coming July 30, Nintendo and their bellionaire raccoon Tom Nook are bringing some new features to your little slices of paradise. First up, every Sunday through August will feature a fireworks show! The events will be complete with bubbles and sparklers to light off with friends, and you can even make your own custom firework designs to be launched into the sky. Don’t forget to visit your favorite cousin Redd in the village square to enter his raffle, too! So invite over your AC crew and send out summer in the best socially-distanced style.

After your fireworks show, you’re bound to be pretty beat so it’s time to head home and get some rest … or is it? Meet Luna, your guide to the Dream Suite. We know of the Dream Suite from previous Animal Crossing installments and while the specifics of how it will play out in New Horizons isn’t known, we do know that you’ll be able to visit dream islands all over the world. In past games, you were able to visit random dream islands of other players, or your friends, with the same access as if you were “awake,” except nothing done to an island by a visitor affected the real life status of it (fear vandalism no longer!). This could be a great alternative to those nervous about opening their islands to other players! You will need an online Nintendo account to utilize Luna and her services.

And the big one … Island Backup Restoration Service. Will we finally be able to cloud save our islands? This is a huge dilemma in the ANCH world as people have upgraded or replaced their Switch devices, and have lost all their progress. Players have been begging Nintendo for a way to backup their islands, and soon we’ll find out if this new feature will make that possible.

Another update is scheduled for fall, and we can only assume that will feature some new and spooky specifics we can’t wait to see.

The newest summer ACNH upgrade will be available for download on July 30!

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