Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Stands Releases New ‘Masking For A Friend’ Collection Benefiting Animal Allies

CHARITIESStands Releases New 'Masking For A Friend' Collection Benefiting Animal Allies

Shirts just keeps coming up with new ways to take our money (at least it’s for a good cause). Stands has released a new line of limited edition, non-medical grade Supernatural face masks for some high quarantine fashion.

The 100% jersey, machine washable masks come in four different styles: “Don’t Be An Assbutt”, “Cover Your Cakehole”, “Destiel”, and “Super Cute”. A portion of all proceeds will go to benefit Animal Allies, an organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing companion animals.

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While we may not be saving people by ganking monsters like the Winchesters, we can all be heroes by helping lessen the probability of transmitting coronavirus. Orders will begin shipping the first week of August. Order your Supernatural masks today on the Stands website.

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