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Big Finish Announces Second Volume of ‘The Human Frontier’

MERCHBig Finish Announces Second Volume of 'The Human Frontier'

Last month, Big Finish released a new original audio drama about space exploration called The Human Frontier. Big Finish announced that a second volume of this epic science fiction story is set to release in August 2021. The second series will resolve questions left unanswered in the first volume of the series.

The Human Frontier 2 will be written and directed by Nicholas Briggs and produced by David Richardson. Pepter Lunkuse (Exographer Anna Swift), Genevieve Gaunt (Commander Daisy Bailey) and Lucy Briggs-Owen  (Nilly) will be back in this second opus. You can read the synopsis here:

‘Sorry to wake you. Have you been here all night?’

When a man wakes up on a beach, he feels displaced in time. What is his connection to a devastating future, a planet-sized consciousness and a colony fighting for survival far out in space.µ

Anna Swift, Daisy Bailey, Brett Triton, Malden Grey and Nilly will all have their parts to play as the threads of human history weave their way towards a cataclysm.

The second volume of  The Human Frontier will be comprised of four parts:

  • Part 1 – Dendrick
  • Part 2 – Planet 5
  • Part 3 – Human War
  • Part 4 – Cataclysm
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Writer and creator Nicholas Briggs said said:

“I’m really humbled by how positive the reaction to ‘The Human Frontier’ has been. Great reviews and the sales have picked up really quickly, which meant that we’ve been granted a second series. I’m already writing the scripts and can’t wait to explore all the possibilities that are presenting themselves. Of course, the first series ended with a number of question marks. I’ve had the answers to those in my mind for some time, but I’m also leaving myself enough space to surprise myself too. The aim of the second series is to deliver the answers people are after, but not necessarily in the way you might expect. There has never really been anything inevitable about history, and for this version of future history the possibilities are endless. The journey towards that new Human Frontier starts now.”

Want to learn more about The Human Frontier? Check this behind-the-scenes video:

The Human Frontier 2 is available to pre-order on Big Finish website as a download. Listeners can also order the two volumes as a bundle to save money.

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