Monday, November 29, 2021

YouTube Spotlight: Get a Taste of Nostalgia with Christy Carlson Romano’s ‘Christy’s Kitchen Throwback’

For this month’s YouTube spotlight I wanted to highlight a bit of nostalgia. Growing up in the height of the Disney generation, Christy Carlson Romano was one of the ultimate Disney stars. She got her start on Even Stevens as Ren Stevens that skyrocketed her into success with her animated role as Kim Possible on Kim Possible in 2002, as well as her stint on Broadway in Beauty and the Beast where she became the youngest to play the lead role as Belle.

Romano has done several Disney Channel Original Movies in the duration of her career, including the live-action Kim Possible, Cadet Kelly, and The Even Stevens Movie. Now, she has her own YouTube channel, Christy’s Kitchen Throwback, where she brings in fellow Disney co-stars and childhood favorite actors and actresses for “Throwback Throwdown.”

Romano and her guests take part in a challenge where Romano will ask three trivia questions to her guest about their past career. If they get all three correct, Romano’s husband, Brendan Rooney, will have to eat a portion of unpleasant food. However, if they get the answers wrong, the guest and Romano have to eat it.

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She also incorporates reaction videos, Christy’s Throwback Reacts on her channel where she will react to pieces of her work or she’ll have her guests react to theirs. The occasional vlog also makes appearances on her channel. Romano has recently started a new series called Mom Possible, where she challenges herself to make a dish in an allotted amount of time. Essentially, she’s the Gordon Ramsay of Disney Channel.

At the time this article is written, Christy’s Kitchen Throwback is less than a year old and has captured the hearts of over 219,000 people and surpassed over 10.2 million views on her channel, and that number continues to grow each and every day. She posts videos twice a week. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Check out one of her videos below.

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