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Watching an episode of Supernatural can often have you feeling like Steve Rogers yelling, “I understood that reference!” at least once in an hour. We decided to gather some of our favorite Easter eggs from the series (and ask for your help on Twitter as well!) to pay tribute to the MANY references on Supernatural. From songs in the background to entire episodes dedicated to Easter eggs (cough, “The French Mistake,” cough), there are quite a few in-jokes within the series. This is by no means an exhaustive list (we would be here for months), but some of the moments we’ve loved over the years.

DISCLAIMER: Thank you to all of the Nerds staff and readers who contributed suggestions for Easter eggs! We received several submissions, and many that overlapped (great minds really do think alike). We apologize if we missed anyone!

Jared and Genevieve Padalecki’s Wedding Photo (S6, Ep15)

Courtesy of The CW

In the season six episode “The French Mistake,” Genevieve and Jared Padalecki’s real wedding photo is used in alternate universe Jared and Genevieve’s home. The photo is first spotted resting on the mantel when Sam and Dean go to AU Jared’s house.

Days of Our Lives (S6, Ep15)

Courtesy of The CW

In the same episode, Dean learns that Jensen Ackles was on a soap opera called Days of Our Lives. Sam figures this out quickly, and shows Dean a clip taken from the actual show.

Lil’ Levi’s (S10, Ep3)

Courtesy of The CW

In “Soul Survivor,” Castiel and Hannah stop at a gas station named Lil’ Levi’s. The station is named for Jensen Ackles’ nephew.

Milestone Hotel Rooms (S5, Ep18 and S10, Ep5)

Courtesy of The CW

In the 100th (“Point of No Return”) and 200th (“Fan Fiction”) episodes of the show, the Winchesters’ hotel room in each episode corresponds with the milestone number of the episode. So, room 100 and 200, respectively.

“Nihilism” (S14, Ep10)

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In “Nihilism” there are several Easter eggs hidden and not so hidden that pop up in the mental bar Dean is trapped in while being possessed by Michael. The bar itself if called Rocky’s Bar and includes a stuffed squirrel and moose, nodding at Crowley’s nicknames for the brothers. The original KAZ-2Y5 Impala license plate hangs on the wall behind the bar. There are several references to Family Business Beer Company, including a small paper with the name and a beer on tap that says FB Beer Company. Along the bar, “DAPHNE LOVES FRED” is scratched onto its surface, a nod to the previous season’s “Scoobynatural” crossover.

Thanks to @FangirlLanie!

Sam Reminds Us He’s Worthy (S8, Ep2)

Courtesy of The CW

During the episode “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?” Sam and Dean attend an auction for the gods to try and win the Word of God. In the final showdown near the end of the episode, Sam wield’s Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, and does a pretty great job if you ask us. We always knew he had it in him.

Lucille (S12, Ep15)

Courtesy of The CW

Early on in the episode “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell,” Dean returns from three back-to-back hunts, absolutely covered in blood, wielding a familiar barbed wire baseball bat. He tells Sam, “Man, Dad loved this thing.” Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played John Winchester, is also known for his role as the sadistic Negan in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Negan’s weapon of choice? A barbed wire baseball bat he lovingly refers to as Lucille.

Thank you to @MargNation for the suggestion!

Mann’s Truck Stop (S13, Ep11)

Courtesy of The CW

Earlier in the series, singer Jason Manns had one of his songs make a brief cameo, and now he has his own truck stop, thanks to a burnt out letter on the sign. Manns has become a favorite within the Supernatural fandom, as much a part of the show as any cast or crew member.

Thank you to @NatashaCole!

Berens’ Kwik Trip (S15, Ep10)

Courtesy of The CW

Continuing the tradition of naming various establishments after actors and crew members is the Kwik Trip store! Robert Berens is one of Supernatural‘s executive producers and writers.

Thank you to @arifreakinanna!

Red Hood (S14, Ep4)

Courtesy of The CW

In season 14’s Halloween episode, Sam and Dean track down a malevolent spirit tied to a comic shop. When the brothers begin their initial investigation, Sam is checking out a life size statue of the DC character Red Hood. Jensen Ackles voices the Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood.

The Winchesters Go Hollywood (S2, Ep18)

Courtesy of The CW

The episode “Hollywood Babylon” is full of Easter eggs as the Winchesters must go undercover as production assistants in Hollywood. One of the funniest is their nod to Jared Padalecki’s previous role as Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls. As Sam and Dean take a tour of the backlot, the guide mentions that Gilmore Girls films on the lot and they might even meet one of the stars if they’re lucky! Sam looks visibly uncomfortable and leaves the tour. Other references include:

  • Sam telling Dean the weather in LA is “practically Canadian” (a nod to Supernatural filming in Vancouver),
  • Tara telling Dean her movie Boogeyman had a terrible script (it was a real movie written by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke),
  • the fake crew listed in the credits for Hell Hazers 2 is the real crew for this episode,
  • the guide mentioning the series Lois and Clark as a nod to Jensen Ackles’ previous role on Smallville,
  • one of the fake actors references Star Wars when he ad libs “I know!” to Ashley’s “I love you” line,
  • the movie posters in Martin’s office are for fake movies previously mentioned on Supernatural: Monster Truck and Carnivore Carnival.

Family Business Beer Company (S15, Ep7)

Image courtesy The CW.

Over the years, Supernatural has snuck in many references to FBBC (including in season 14 as mentioned above). Another reference to the business occurs in season 15 in the episode “Last Call,” where a sticker near the phone advertising the brewery can be seen.

Thank you to @ThePoFoShow1!

The Horn of Gabriel is … a kazoo! (S13, Ep20)

Image courtesy The CW.

In a nod to Louden Swain, the Horn of Gabriel is a kazoo. It’s a reference only superfans would catch and that Richard Speight, Jr. confirmed was an intentional homage.

“Fallen Idols” Make for Great Easter Eggs (S5, Ep5)

Courtesy of The CW

Much like “Hollywood Babylon,” “Fallen Idols” has a lot of Easter eggs surrounding Jared Padalecki’s career outside of Supernatural. Casting Paris Hilton to play a version of herself is enough of an Easter egg, but the episode references her connection to Padalecki several times. Dean mentions he’s never seen House of Wax (the film Hilton and Padalecki both starred in), with Sam killing “Paris” much like how her character died in that film. Dean also mentions Danielle has “sworn off The Simple Life,” a reference to Hilton’s massively popular reality show.

And This Week’s Musical Guest … (throughout the series)

Courtesy of Liz Larson, Staff Photographer

Supernatural is known for having a great soundtrack. But did you know some of the songs used on the show are Easter eggs themselves? In “Galaxy Brain” (S15, Ep12), the song “Pop Tart Heart” by Louden Swain can be heard. Louden Swain is the house band for many Supernatural conventions, and their lead singer is Rob Benedict (who plays Chuck/God in the series.) In “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven” (S15, Ep8), the song “Goin’ Straight” by Dick Jr. and the Volunteers is used. This band is led by Richard Speight Jr., who has directed many episodes of the show and also stars as Gabriel. In “Atomic Monsters” (S15, Ep4), the Radio Company song “Sounds of Someday” is heard near the end. The song features Jensen Ackles’ vocals.

Want Some Pea Soup with That Reference? (S2, Ep7)

Courtesy of The CW

In the episode “The Usual Suspects,” horror icon Linda Blair guest stars as a cop who becomes a reluctant ally for Sam and Dean. In a nod to her most famous role in The Exorcist, Dean tells Sam, “I could really go for some pea soup” as they walk away from her at the end of the episode. Blair’s character in the film vomits all over a priest, with pea soup used as the fake vomit.

Thanks, @JessrLupin!

From One Lucifer to Another (S11, Ep10)

Image courtesy The CW.

In the episode “The Devil in the Details,” Sam asks Lucifer what he will do when he gets out of the cage. Lucifer says he’ll, “move to LA and solve crimes.” This is a reference to the popular Fox/Netflix show Lucifer, which features Tom Ellis as a different version of the character Lucifer solving crimes in LA.

Thanks, @garrisos and @theofficialbenf!

Fake Names, Great Easter Eggs (throughout the series)

Courtesy of The CW

The many (many, many) aliases Sam and Dean use throughout the series are often references to pop culture icons. Some of our favorites include:

  • Agents Mulder and Scully (X-Files reference)
  • Agents Ford and Hamill (Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill of Star Wars)
  • Father Simmons and Father Frehley (Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley of the band Kiss)
  • Detective Landis and Detective Dante (John Landis, who directed An American Werewolf in London, and Joe Dante, who directed The Howling)
  • Agent Plant and Agent Page (Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin)
  • Coach Roth (David Lee Roth of the band Van Halen)
  • Agent Walker, the Texas Ranger (the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger, which Jared Padalecki will star in the reboot of titled Walker)
  • Agent Lizzo (singer, songwriter, rapper. This one was Castiel.)
  • Agents Stark and Banner (Marvel references)
  • Agents Spears and Aguilera (for pop stars Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera)

What’s in an Episode Title (throughout the series)

Courtesy of The CW

Nearly every episode title is a reference on this show. Some of our favorites include …

  • “The Magnificent Seven” (Western film from 1960)
  • “It’s a Terrible Life” (a flip of It’s a Wonderful Life)
  • “Dark Side of the Moon” (Pink Floyd album)
  • “My Heart Will Go On” (everyone’s favorite song from Titanic. The episode’s plot also deals with descendants of those on the original ship)
  • “We Need to Talk About Kevin” (also the title of the 2011 film starring Tilda Swinton)
  • “Stairway to Heaven” (Title of a Led Zeppelin song. Zeppelin rules!)
  • “Just My Imagination” (From the song by The Tempations)
  • “Tombstone” (From the 1993 film)
  • “Peace of Mind” (Shares the title of a song by the rock group Boston. Sam and Cas use Tom Scholz and Bradley Delp as their aliases, two members of Boston)
  • “Destiny’s Child” (A nod to the R&B group with Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams)

There’s no doubt the Supernatural team has an endless list of Easter eggs and references to include, and we’ll certainly see some more once the show resumes airing. What are some of your favorite Easter eggs from Supernatural? Let us know in the comments!

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