‘Nerdist Book Club’s’ Next Book is Frank Herbert’s ‘DUNE’


Are you looking for a new virtual book club to join? Well, the media and entertainment network Nerdist has just what you are looking for.

Last Wednesday, the Nerdist Book Club finished their episode by announcing that the next book they will be reading and talking about is Frank Herbert’s 1965 epic science fiction book DUNE. I know what you are thinking. You want me to read 412 pages in a week. Don’t worry. This book will be spread out over six weeks and six episodes. This book choice is sure to get DUNE fans anxiously waiting for the movie that will be released later this year excited.

This nerdy book club launched on April 8, airing on various streaming channels for viewers to enjoy. They began with J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit. The series is hosted by Maude Garrett (GeekBomb), Hector Navarro (DC Daily), and Rachel Heine (Nerdist Editor-in-Chief).

The Nerdist Book Club will live stream on the Nerdist YouTube Channel, Geek & Sundry YouTube Channel, and the Geek & Sundry Twitch Channel from 5-6 p.m. PT Wednesdays starting May 6.

As a Ravenclaw and introverted tattooed cat, Sarah enjoys reading, writing, and watching hockey (Go Leafs Go). You can follow Sarah on Twitter at @WyldeFandom

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