Podcast Spotlight: ‘DUST: Flight 008’

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Imagine boarding a flight only to later disembark and find yourself 20 years in the future …

The second season of the anthology podcast DUST premiered on March 25, and it’s been a wild, fascinating, and emotional ride thus far.

DUST: Flight 008 is comprised of 11 unique stories with one common thread: a non-stop flight from Tokyo to San Francisco has a run-in with a wrinkle in spacetime and somehow lands 20 years in the future, in the year 2040.

Each of the 11 episodes, which are typically between 20 to 30 minutes long, focuses on a different passenger on the flight and the new reality that they return to as they find that they may not have aged or changed, but everything and everyone in their life certainly has.

DUST: Flight 008 is penned by 11 of the biggest writers in science fiction: James L. Cambias, Daniel H. Wilson, Aidan J.S. Menuge, Charles Yu, Justina Robson, Nancy Kress, Stanley Chan, William Shunn, Kevin J. Anderson, Sheila Finch, and Kathleen Ann Googan. Each of these authors takes a passenger from the flight and, despite the common theme and setting, weaves a unique story. There are tales of love, heartbreak, and loss, and of resentment, anger, healing, and hope as the passengers of Flight 008 attempt to reconcile all that they have lost (and what some have gained) as a result of 20 years passing in the blink of an eye.

This season also has an all-star voice cast that includes the likes of Dan Stevens (Legion), Calista Flockheart (Supergirl), Reid Scott (Veep), Keith David (Halo), Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2), Danny Trejo (Machete), and more. Stevens’ episode, “Iterations: Seat 13F,” is particularly entrancing, as the talented actor and seasoned audiobook narrator voices his character’s anguishing crescendo of emotions in such a way that his pain is strikingly palpable in both his words and the silence in between.

From the opening theme of each episode through to the final notes, listeners will find themselves absorbed in the futuristic world of Flight 008. In addition to narrators and voice actors, background noises for the environments the characters find themselves in are sprinkled throughout, which end up providing a completely immersive experience as listeners follow along with the twists, turns, shocks, and surprises of each and every story.

Subscribe and listen to DUST: Flight 008 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, or Castbox. The first six episodes of this weekly show are available now, and five more remain!

Check out the trailer below.

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