‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: “Sex and Candy”

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Before we watch tonight’s episode of Roswell, New Mexico, let’s take a dive into what happened in last week’s episode.

“Sex and Candy” was directed by Geoff Shotz and was written by Rick Montano & Vincent Ingrao. This weeks episode starts off exactly how “I’ll Stand By You” ended, with Isobel and Max fighting. Isobel tells Max he just needs let out the toxic energy he absorbed when he brought Rosa back from the dead. Isobel’s idea almost works, until Max’s new heart starts to short out his pacemaker and Michael slows Max’s heart back down and he wakes up again. Liz runs in, and hugs a very confused-looking Max, who asks Liz is if they’ve met, making it apparent that he’s lost his memory or at least his memories of Liz.

At a market Maria is holding at the Wild Pony, she meets up with Alex. Alex asks if the market is the secret mission Maria had talked to him about. Maria says they’re going for a ride, but doesn’t give anymore info than that. Just then, a dog named Buffy wanders up to the two and Forrest is quickly behind her. Forrest invites Alex to an open mic night the following day. Alex hesitates causing Forrest to believe he misread Alex, to which Alex assures him that he didn’t. Is this the beginning of a new love interest for Alex?

Next, we see Kyle at the hospital as he walks into an observation deck to watch a surgery. He runs into the same girl, Steph, and after some slight flirting to she leaves. We see Maria and Alex still at the market and Maria lets Alex in on her plan. Maria tells Alex that her mom had bought a specific pair of boots that can only be bought an hour away from Roswell and Maria feels like the local police are not investigating, so she’s determined to do it herself.

Next, we see Liz running into Max at the same market. Max is attempting to speak Spanish, and Liz comes to the rescue. The two have a sweet moment and Max asks Liz out to catch the meteor shower happening that night. The meteor shower is mentioned quite a bit throughout this episode…might this have some significance to our favorite alien siblings and Roswell?

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On the way to hunt down the maker of Mimi Deluca’s new boots, Maria and Alex pay a game of “Never Have I Ever” and we learn the Alex was Maria’s first kiss during a game of “Seven Minutes In Heaven” they played when they were in high school. Maria tells Alex she thought they would get married and joked that she had to come up with a new game plan when Alex came out as gay. This then turns into a serious conversation about whether Alex wishes he wasn’t gay. He says he doesn’t, however he admits he wouldn’t have all of the bad memories. Maria is quick to remind him he wouldn’t have the happy memories either.

Max picks Liz up for their date just as Liz is pouring him his usual milkshake called the Little Green Man. Liz tells him she wants to do a small experiment to see if the shake will bring back some of his memories. Max takes a sip and says he isn’t a fan of mint. Liz just figures Max’s new taste comes from him being essentially in a coma and sometimes peoples personalities and taste preferences change when that happens.

During Maria and Alex’s drive, Michael calls Maria but she doesn’t pick up. Alex asks her why she didn’t bring him considering Michael has superpowers and Alex doesn’t. Maria lists off reasons about how he fights and lies but Alex reminds her he’s always done it to protect his family. He also makes the point of how Michael took the guilt for Rosa’s death for years when he didn’t have to.

On their date, Liz and Max are riding horses in the New Mexico sunset, which is possibly the most romantic thing ever. Max starts to tell Liz a story, but realizes he already told her. He admits he’s trying to one-up whatever their first date was. Liz lets him know that they’ve never actually had a first date, and what was supposed to be their first date was spent trying to catch a killer so it doesn’t really count.

Isobel goes to a new bar, which is vastly different from the usual crowd at The Pony. While there, Isobel sees none other than Kyle Valenti.

Maria’s truck blows a tire, stranding her and Alex in the middle of nowhere. Out of nowhere, a guy named Travis appears and Maria tells him she’s looking for the person that made the boots. The man tells her that’s him and invites her and Alex into his home.

Liz and Max are still on their date and Max asks her what the worst thing she’s ever done. Liz admits that she was once engaged to a man named Diego when she lived in Denver. He was a scientist too and shared her enthusiasm with her research project she was on and she admits that he pushed her and made her better. Liz also shares that once the project was ended she realized she loved the science more than Diego. Ultimately, she packed up her things in the middle of the night and blocked him on Facebook. Max tells the story of when he killed someone that was attacking Isobel when they were younger. Referencing the flashback we saw in season one where Max killed a man and Michael helped bury the body. Liz then tells Max that the reason he’s so idealistic is because he doesn’t remember her, nor the memories he has with her. She tells him he’s better off without her and Liz leaves, leaving Max sitting by himself by the fire.

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At Travis’s house, Maria tries to call Michael, having no luck reaching him. Her and Alex attempt to ask Travis about her mom and the boots, but Travis isn’t admitting to knowing or seeing her. Travis goes outside leaving to two alone and Maria has Alex dig around to try and find any records that showed that Mimi bought the boots she was found with in the desert while she attempts to get any cell service.

At the bar, Kyle tells Isobel he’s there because he hasn’t felt like going to the Wild Pony. He says sometimes it’s nice being with people he didn’t go to high school with. Isobel admits that ever since Noah passed, being around straight men freak her out so being at a gay bar doesn’t make her feel like prey.

While digging for clues, Travis sneaks up on Alex and begins singing a creepy version of “I Think We’re Alone Now” and Alex ends up getting stabbed when he tries to leave the house. Maria hears Alex and tries to find him but runs into Travis, who then starts chasing her through the corn field.

Kyle and Isobel are dancing and having the time of their life, which is well-deserved after all the stress they went through the last few episodes. Isobel wants to hook up, but Kyle declines. Blaire, the bartender that’s been serving them, comes and leads a surprised Isobel away to dance. While Maria is running through the corn field Michael comes to the rescue just in time. He gets knocked out but Maria gets the upper hand on Travis and knocking him out as well. Trying to regain his memories, Max is reading a journal when a shell casing falls out of the book. Max suddenly remembers the night Liz was shot and he saved her. Maria and Michael find Alex, hurt, but luckily not severely. In a strange turn of events we find out Travis actually has a twin brother, who shoots his brother, saving Alex, Maria, and Michael. The three leave but agree to call an ambulance for the wounded Travis.

Kyle goes to the hospital to find out that the person having surgery is the same girl, Steph, he’s been running into at the hospital and was starting to have feelings for. Max finds Liz back at the Crashdown Cafe and tells her that he originally wanted a peanut butter shake back when they were in high school but he was so in love with her it didn’t matter. He tells Liz he was just happy that Liz remembered his shake every time she saw him. He goes on to tell Liz that he is not better without her and the two share a moment after being apart for so long. We see Isobel and Blaire leaving the bar together and Alex, Michael, and Maria are back at Michael’s trailer patching up Alex’s wound. Michael tells them that he almost lost both of them. The three end up spending the night together as well.

The next morning Alex tells Michael that Travis and his brother disappeared when the sheriff went to their house. The two talk about the previous night and both men admit they thought the two of them would end up together and Alex walks away with Michael watching, not looking away. Michael goes back inside to Maria.

At the diner, Liz tells Max that she loves him and that she should have told him the night before. Max tells Liz he knew she loved him, and that he knew the whole time that he was gone.

Later that day at open mic night at the Wild Pony, Alex comes to watch Forrest perform.

The episode ends with Max returning home to Isobel eagerly waiting for him to dish about their nights. The two joke as Max goes into his room and sees the his tattoo of the symbol and has a flashback of him as a child looking at the same symbol glowing on a wall with an mysterious adult standing behind him.

Although it had it’s emotional moments, “Sex and Candy” felt like one of the more lighthearted episodes we’ve seen in a while. The cast put on a great performance as always and I’m eager to see if any of these new possible friendships, such as Isobel and Kyle evolve as time goes on.

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