Sunday, March 26, 2023

“Last Podcast on the Left: Live in New Orleans” Available Now!

PODCASTS"Last Podcast on the Left: Live in New Orleans" Available Now!

The hosts of The Last Podcast on the Left have been making listeners laugh with their true crime/conspiracy theory comedy podcast for years now. For the past year, they’ve taken their show on the road, and the result is their newest special “Last Podcast on the Left: Live in New Orleans”! The synopsis released for the special states:

‘Last Podcast on the Left’ covers all topics mysterious and macabre and their live show is no different: The boys are BACK IN THE HABIT, exposing elaborate conspiracy theories, elusive cryptids, slippery serial killers, and MORE. This special was recorded at The Joy Theater in 2019.

You can purchase the special for $6.66 here! Interested in learning more about LPOTL? Check out our Podcast Spotlight on the show. You can listen to Last Podcast on the Left exclusively on Spotify. The group also has live shows, merch, and more, so be sure to check out their website. Check out the trailer for the special below!

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