Review: ‘Last Podcast on the Left’ Brings ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Tour’ to Jacksonville


Marcus Parks, Ben Kissel, and Henry Zebrowski, best known as the hosts of Last Podcast on the Left, brought their “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Tour” to Jacksonville, Florida last night.

The trio are known for their deep dives into crime, conspiracies, and more, with well-researched topics and humor making it a beloved podcast for so many. The show took place at the beautiful Florida Theatre in downtown Jacksonville, with many fans filling the theatre. For us, we opted for the VIP package of the show, which consisted of a tour lanyard, a post-show VIP Q&A, a signed poster, and a group photo.

The stage was simple and familiar if you’ve ever been to a LPotL tour before. Three stools, three microphones, a table in the middle with a computer, and a big screen hanging in the back. Before Marcus, Ben and Henry came out on the stage, a video played on the screen with an introduction, filled with inside jokes from the various episodes of the podcast. Then, the guys came onto the stage.

The format was similar to each show previously; Marcus, Ben, and Henry each get their own dedicated section — filled with videos to support them playing on the big screen. The best part about each of these sections is just the way they riff off of each other, making the material not seem stale. At the end, they do one collective section to tie up the show and end it with some gross — and some not gross videos to balance it out.

Henry, Marcus and Ben on Tour in 2019

Their jokes are always on point, making the room roar with laughter. They often interact with the audience, and it was especially fun since some of the material they talked about related to Florida, making the audience even more engaged and energized. Their dynamic is so electric. If you love what you hear on the podcast, imagine them unfiltered and that energy amplified significantly. It’s such a great way to see truly how humorous and talented they are.

After the show was over, the theatre emptied for all of those except VIP. The first few rows remained full of excited fans, as the guys came back out to do an intimate Q&A. This was just as much fun as the show, as they all seemed really comfortable and at ease. They fielded questions about some previous episodes they did and things they’d like to cover in the future. However, for me, the most inspiring answers came when they were asked for advice about how to make time to write and get through bad writing. As a journalist, it was lovely to hear about all of their bad drafts, how to stick with it, and all of the “invisible” work that no one sees. One of the last questions asked was about how they knew when they were successful, and all remained really humble, which was endearing. Henry spoke to him being so in the thick of everything he doesn’t really notice, Ben talked about not thinking he was successful still, and Marcus talked about how being successful meant doing something he loved and being able to call it a job (although Marcus later answered jokingly that it was when they performed at Red Rocks and he asked for pyrotechnics and someone said ok.) It was really lovely to see them talk about their careers and getting to the point they are now. After the Q&A, a group photo was taken, and then on the way out you’re able to pick up your signed poster.

If you’re a fan of the podcast, then it’s truly a no-brainer that you need to see them live. There were also many stories of people who brought significant others, friends, or family members who walked away from the show going, “Ok, I need to listen to them now.” If you’re able to, definitely try and get VIP for a show; it’s something worth getting to see, as well as being able to directly interact with them if you have a question. It was an amazing show, with electric and entertaining hosts … one that I’ll be talking about for a long time.

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