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Since 2011, the irreverent boys from Last Podcast on the Left (LPOTL) have been making fans laugh while discussing the weirder side of life. From UFOs, serial killers, paranormal activity, and every conspiracy theory Henry can think of, LPOTL laughs in the face of fear while also giving it the finger.

The show, hosted by Marcus Parks, Ben Kissel, and Henry Zebrowski – known as an actor for Heroes: Reborn and Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell. It is a thoroughly researched and hilarious deep dive into the things that scare us. Each week, Marcus and his top-notch research assistants present the story, with Henry creating crazy characters to complement the facts and Ben riffing on it all. From the “Heavy Hitters” series that features multi-part examinations of notorious serial killers. To their weekly “Side Stories” episodes dedicated to wacky news, LPOTL offers something for everyone. Unless you don’t like some explicit content, this crew does not self-censor adult language.

I love LPOTL for so many reasons, but the chemistry and quick, witty banter between the hosts is the main one. Whenever I’m down or need a pick-me-up, the boys deliver. They relentlessly mock some of the most sinister and disturbing people in history, taking them down a peg and exposing them to the awful people they are. They also discuss their mental health in a frank and helpful way, which is refreshing and frequently funny. They are unapologetically themselves, and it’s easy to join in the fun, whether you’ve listened from day one or just found the podcast today.

There is no correct way to listen to LPOTL, so here are a few episodes I highly recommend checking out.

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The H.H. Holmes Series (“The Horrid Meat,” “Nothing But Trouble,” and “Professional Uncle”)

The LPOTL gang tackles the Devil in the White City himself, H.H. Holmes. We also meet two of Henry’s best characters, “Minnie” and “Nanny,” so annoying that you find yourself rooting for the killer. It is an excellent intro to the “Heavy Hitters” style episodes and is just a fascinating story.

“A Conversation with My Favorite Murder

Before MFM took over the world of true crime, they appeared on LPOTL to promote their podcast. What followed was a hilarious episode featuring hometown murders and two of the best true crime podcasts joining forces. This is the episode that introduced me to LPOTL, and I’ve never looked back!

The Enfield Poltergeist Series (“Oh Crumbs!” and “Poopergeist”)

Do you want ghost stories? Here’s one of the craziest poltergeist hauntings of all time, featuring Henry’s menagerie of crazy English characters.

Mark Twitchell Series (“Favorite Duck of the Month” and “Some Kind of Ketchup Party”)

One of the best parts about LPOTL is how they can take a little known true crime story and create an unforgettable character. Mark Twitchell is one of the dumbest murderers you’ve never heard of, but this episode will have you laughing until you cry.

Sound like your new favorite podcast? You can listen to Last Podcast on the Left on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. The group also has live shows, merch, and more, so be sure to check out their website.

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