Worlds Collide Convention and Well-Being Retreat to be Held in London in June


Courtesy of Passion for Talent Events

Most convention goers would agree that a convention is not very relaxing. Dashing through crowds, trying to do everything you want to at a convention can be very stressful. Passion for Talent Events is hosting a convention and well-being retreat that sounds like a perfect combination to reduce that stress.

The convention will host typical events found at a con: photo ops, autographs, panels, meet and greets, and even Friday night karaoke, and a Saturday night concert. However, alongside these events there will be self-discovery workshops, themed yoga, guided meditation, and breath work sessions. There will even be a couple of celebrity led workshops.

Guests announced so far include David Alpay (The Vampire Diaries), Osric Chau (Supernatural), Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead), and The Hillywood Show. The full guest list can be found here. Alongside the celebrities will be a roster of well-being experts from around the globe who will be holding workshops.

The convention is being hosted at London Heathrow Marriott Hotel on June 5-7 2020. Tickets are available here and include a 100% vegan buffet lunch and refreshments.

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