Tuesday, March 28, 2023

New Series of Shorts Announced with Rob Benedict, Greg Grunberg, and More

ROB BENEDICTNew Series of Shorts Announced with Rob Benedict, Greg Grunberg, and More

Legion M has announced that with Greg Grunberg and Brad Savage’s Bandwagon Media, as well as 150 (which is a division of Warner Media), they’ll be releasing a new series of shorts created by writers and fans alike.

Here’s more about the project:

Called “The Insiders,” this COVID-era series of shorts take place entirely in Zoom conference calls. Bandwagon Media has pulled together an all-star cast of players to act in the shorts, and 150 has enlisted some of the brightest writers in the business to write them— and THEY WANT YOUR INPUT! Visit www.legionm.com/insiders (LINK IN BIO) to read each synopsis and submit your ideas for character names, traits, song titles, and more! Who knows, your ideas might just make it into the final scripts!

As seen on Legion M’s website, Rob Benedict will be appearing on the “Brother Sister Musical Therapy” short, which has the following synopsis:

Synopsis: A brother and sister musical group from the 90s haven’t spoken since then. Terrible family squabble. In an attempt to heal old wounds, a “musical therapist” gets them together on a Zoom call to work it out and start fresh. The musical therapist insists that the brother and sister speak to each other using the only medium they could always agree on – through song.

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Rob will be the musical therapist, while Drew Powell and Kate Micucci will play the brother and sister. For their short, they’re asking for input on character names, as well as the title of their songs.

The series will air on Legion M’s Twitch channel. Stay tuned for more information!

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