Saturday, April 1, 2023

Hey Hey, Everything’s Great! New Episode of ‘…and My Guest is Richard Speight’ Out Now!

PODCASTS...AND MY GUEST IS RICHARD SPEIGHTHey Hey, Everything's Great! New Episode of '...and My Guest is Richard...

In this week’s episode titled “do re mi… it’s The Sound of Machete”, of …and My Guest is Richard Speight. Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. continue with their hilarious and often deep conversations about anything and everything that they think of during this crazy time of quarantine.

In true Rob and Rich fashion, they open the episode out of order and, of course, with some technical difficulties. We also get some brief appearances from The Machete – Speight’s wife, Jaci Hays.

The synopsis for the episode is as follows,

The Machete makes an appearance. New lockdown entertainment recommendations. And introducing: post facto spoiler alerts.

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You can also keep up with podcast updates on Benedict’s Twitter.

Be sure to listen in as our Kings of Con discuss the difficulties of lockdown, parenting, being a “mask-ist,” The Sound of Music, and much more. We also get new podcast jingles to bless our ears!

… and My Guest is Richard Speight is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor.

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