Richard Speight, Jr. Music Series: Fans Share Favorite Dick Jr. & the Volunteers Song

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Welcome to our next music series, centered around Richard Speight, Jr.’s music, as well as his album The Dance and How To Do It by Dick Jr. & the Volunteers.

Much like our previous Louden Swain series, we asked fans a series of questions about Rich’s music and album, and we’ve compiled them into a fun series. First up, we asked fans what their favorite song off of the album was. We also might have had the man himself answer the questions, too.

Raspberry Beret

Ebony (@WordsOfLeisure): “I can go on and on about Rich’s cover of ‘Raspberry Beret’! I even got to gush about it to Richard face to face! It is the cover that I never knew I needed until I heard it. ‘Raspberry Beret’ is my favorite Prince song and Richard just put a fantastic country spin on it that doesn’t take anything away from the song. The lyrics fit so well with the country sound, which just shows what an amazing song writer Prince is. And his words sung with Rich’s country twang is, as they say, chef’s kiss. The most played song on the album on an album of top notch music.”

Judy (@LAgirlHD): ” I love that talking-sing-style alot, its so unique and fits greatly to Richs voice!”

Julia (@willow__row): “‘Raspberry Beret’, for oh so many reasons! It knocked me for a loop at the first play, because I adore Prince and I was expecting something much different. But the way it’s arranged and the banjos and the twang just made it into a whole new story that not only works, but slaps (which as you know, is the highest honor bestowed by the youths today).”

Courtesy of Staff Photographer, Mandi.


Emma H. (@simplyreflected): “This is a fun song to listen to or sing along with. It’s also got such a fun beat to it. The chemistry in this song between these two is amazing and they sound like absolute perfection.”

Alison (@GbrielLives): “It constantly changes but at the moment its ‘Jackson’ because I absolutely love singing along to it as long as I can!”

Me & Paul

Alison (@AlisonMacKellar):  “‘Me & Paul,’ cause Toronto is mentioned.”

Living at Night

Richard S. (@dicksp8jr): “I love them all, really. But if I HAD to pick, at this particular moment, I’d say ‘Living At Night’. But really it’s a 3-way tie between ‘Living At Night’, ‘Goin’ Straight,’ and ‘Cautionary Fairytale.’”

Rain (@writteninrain): “Right now, I’d have to say ‘Living At Night’. It has that edgy late night energy and the vocal sound is incredible. And then there’s that guitar break. Walk the West’s album was one I had back in the day and I kind of forgot how great it was. The DJ&TV cover is so amazing that not only do I tend to play it on repeat, but it also led me back to the original album. Little aside – once you get the original in your head you will never get your “Woah-Oahs” pitched right again.”

Dayna (@darkfireunicorn): “‘Living at Night’ is my favorite.”

Bernadette (@Flutterbee72): “It’s a barn-storming, sing-a-long, dance-a-long perfect party anthem.”

Courtesy of Staff Editor/Photographer, Lindsey DeLuca.

Cautionary Fairytale

Briar (@thebriarroseee): “‘Cautionary Fairytale’ is a beautiful song with a beautiful story. It’s brilliantly penned by Rob Benedict, and Rich sings it perfectly.”

Kaity B. (@RogersThatCaptn): “It tells a great story within the lyrics and any collab between Rich and Rob is bound to be a home run. Their voices compliment each other very well, and I love that Rob wrote it, too.”

Lindsey D. (@lindyysolo): “I just love this song so much and could listen to it on repeat. Rich and Rob teaming up will always = a masterpiece. Also the lyrics and story that it tells are beautiful.”

Muriel F. (@housecatsswain): “I just love the lyrics, the music and it makes me cry every time I listen to it.”

Sarah W. (@wyldefandom): “The sound of Richard’s and Rob’s voices being the primary sound with the guitar in the background has a poetic touch to it. The song is very soothing and relaxing to listen to.”

Priscilla (@SuperWho_Lock1): “‘Cautionary Fairytale’ is my favorite.”

Jessica H. (@JessicaKate413): “My favorite song is ‘Cautionary Fairytale’ because it really showcases Rich’s amazing voice. Also I love how nice Rich and Rob’s voices sound together.”

Miranda M. (@miranda9995): “This song is just so freaking beautiful! Ok, so I was already so excited when I heard that Rob would be on one of the songs, and then it turning out to be a song that he wrote? For Rich to sing? I love it. And it’s just so emotional and the lyrics are so good, I feel like crying every time I listen to it. Also, just, I really love their voices together. I’ve listened to this song the most and will never get tired of it.”

Laurie (@LauriePC): “It’s probably my favorite song ever too. It just makes me melt, the lyrics are so soft, and Rob and Rich’s voices sound absolutely amazing together.”

Jana K. (@datajana): “‘Cautionary Fairytale’ is my favorite song on the album because it reminds me of a similar event that happened to me in my past. It, well, “speaks to me” I guess you can say.”

LeeAnn (@librarianleeann): “‘Cautionary Fairytale’ – I love the story the song tells. The idea of holding onto something with absolute surety that that nothing will ever change no matter what you are told, and then learning the hard way that those who warned you were right is so relevant and relatable. Rob’s lyrics tell the story so beautifully, and Rich’s voice pulls you into the story and really makes you listen to what he’s singing.”
Rianna (@RiannaMelton): “‘Cautionary Fairytale’ is my favorite.”
Emma H. (@preserveroftime): “It’s a beautiful song through and through but I just couldn’t get over how perfect Rob and Rich sounded together. It was kind of like their voices were made for that song.”
Natasha (@NatashaCole): “It’s a beautiful song and works so well in his style of singing. Also, he and Rob always sound great together.”

Goin’ Straight

Jess (@jessica_capasso): “First, because it’s just so much fun and seems to fit his personality so well. Also because the range of things he does with his voice really showcases his talent. I could listen to this song over and over.”

Liz M. (@Paleonut_): “I love the melody, the lyrics are both humorous and relatable, and it is clear that everyone had fun with the song & enjoyed singing it.”

In the Pines

Becca (@BreakMyDreams): “I have a long history with the song, and I loved that Richard and co. included it. I am a big fan of Bob Dylan, and Nirvana, both of whom covered the song at different points in time, so I have a love for the song through them and I enjoy the diversity in presentation that the song allows. I also love that Richard mentioned, at the Roxy show, that he hadn’t
been particularly sold on including it until he heard the intro to the song being recorded. And, most of all, I love that, despite this song having been covered numerous times, by numerous artists, Richard brought a raw and real quality to the song, and it highlighted his voice in a way that we don’t normally get to hear it.”

Deborah (@debbab3): “‘In the Pines’ is pure bad ass country.”


Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

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