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Dennis Quaid Launches New Podcast ‘The Dennissance’

PODCASTSDennis Quaid Launches New Podcast 'The Dennissance'

Hollywood icon Dennis Quaid is know throughout the industry for his plethora of work over the last 40 years as an actor, producer, director, singer and songwriter. He is now jumping into the world of podcasting with his new interview series podcast The Dennissance. Defining the modern day renaissance man, Quaid has partnered with Audio Up founder/CEO Jared Gutstadt to bring this special project to the masses beginning Wednesday, April 8.

The Dennissance is a raw, unfiltered and in-depth podcast series on which Quaid will interview a long list of high profile actors, politicians, personalities, musicians, and innovative business leaders.

“I’m just as excited about what Audio Up is doing in the audio and podcast space as I was when I first moved to California to pursue acting” said Quaid. “What we are doing brings together so many of the things I love, blending stories, music, and insightful conversations across all genres. We are going to bring back the concept album by telling stories around records, much like the albums, Red Headed Stranger or Sgt. Pepper. Great ideas always come back around.”

Image Courtesy Audio Up.
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Audio Up founder and CEO Jared Gutstadt added, “I do believe that we are living in a renaissance of Dennis right now. 2019 was a such a strong year for him with multiple films, television shows and his own Esurance ads. Podcasting is just another level that we are stacking on top. At this moment, a lot of people are struggling with connecting to the outside world. We hope that Dennis’ voice will just be another beacon for people to look to during these dark times.”

Last week, Quaid introduced the podcast in the form of a hilarious promo video, timed appropriately to April Fool’s Day. Quaid tells viewers why the podcast will only be available via cassette tape, Quaid reveals the perfect way to listen – via Walkman — and tests it out himself while working out shirtless. A phone number appears on the screen, which Quaid encourages fans to text in order to receive eight cassette tapes (matching eight episodes) in the mail, a testament to the quirky nature of the show as well as Audio Up’s innovative marketing strategies.

The Dennissance is the first official release from Audio Up. The show’s first guest is country music-superstar, Billy Ray Cyrus, and will be available April 15. The Dennissance is available today through all podcast streaming platforms so check it out!

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